100 Floors: Level 82


In 100 Floors: level 82 you will see a wooden door and a spinning clock on the right door. You will also see a painting of what looks like a dragon or a tail of the dragon. You can spin the clock on the right door by tapping on it. The green spinner will then spin in a clockwise direction.

Hidden on the bottom of the floor to the right is the missing piece to your puzzle on the left door. Tap on it to reveal the piece on the ground then pick up the other spinner. Place the spinner on the left door then spin the right one exactly 7 times then tap the one on the left exactly 2 times to reveal  the last missing piece of the puzzle. Tap the last piece then place it on the floor on the far right then hold the leaver down then proceed to floors level 83.

100 Floors Stage 82-1100 Floors Stage 82-2100 Floors Stage 82-3

    • Sandra

      Mine wont advance even when I hold down the lever with one hand and touch the green up button…. is there some trick?????

      • Kuifie

        You can also just select the lever in your inventory and tap the door. Probably a bug, but it worked for me.

  • Alyson

    Keep clicking it till it works that what I did!

  • Heather

    All I did was touch the door and I went to the next level.

  • Jenny

    I just swiped down and it worked!

  • iamthewalrus

    I just tapped it with the torch and it worked

  • GGamerXDemolition

    I love how the responses r more informational than the actual tips above… Lol