100 Floors: Level 84


On 100 Floors level 84 there is a door with a bunch of shapes including triangles, + signs and a red line. There are also three buttons at the bottom you can press, there is 2 blue buttons and 1 red button. The Blue buttons make an error sound while the red button makes a “cling” type of sound.

Your task is to tap the red/blue buttons in the correct order to solve the puzzle.

  1.  Push all three buttons at the same time (red, blue, blue)
  2. Press the red button
  3. Press the two blue buttons at the same time quickly.
  4. Press all three at the same time again.

The Triangle represents all three buttons being press and the red line represents the red button and the plus represents two blue buttons. This may take a while and is definitely one of the hardest stages.

100 Floors Level 84

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  1. i did it 100 times and it wont work


  3. Certainly does work! You have to make sure when you push all 3, and the 2 blues, that they also make the ‘ching’ sound. That denotes you have the timing right.

    • I can hit any two buttons simultaneously and it refuses to make any noise when I throw the third button in. I have grown up on video games and I love challenges. There is not one game I cannot beat. However, this game must have a glitch of some sort bc I have had the iPhone since it came out and it refuses to chime on all 3 buttons… Maybe that’s the problem others are having…

    • Zoom feature is the solution

  4. You have to hit all three buttons twice then the red one then the two blues then all three again

  5. It worked for me – thanks!

  6. When u tap all three together, use three fingers… It makes a totally different sound than the other two sounds

  7. Almost threw my iPhone across room! I can’t get it to work. Don’t tell me how to do it again. I can read and I got to this stupid floor! Just wanted to complain and a word of encouragement.

  8. Doesn't work, get all 4 cling noises still don't open

  9. Stupid!! Just like the rest of them. You can't open these doors unless you goggle them. What in the first makes you, know, that your suppose to tap these all at the same time. 100 floors is the strangest game.

  10. @Lisa a triangle has 3 lines, so 3 buttons, and it's purple, so red AND blue. Line=1, red. Plus=2, blue. Pretty simple.

  11. It needs to be timed perfectly and you need to make sure you hit the buttons. It’s hard but I got it on my 6th attempt.

  12. i got all 4 dings and the door didn’t open.. also, the game crashed 90% of the times on iPhone.. what a shit game xD

  13. I was able to do it after I turned off the zoom feature in the accessibility section of the settings. The feature is a double tap with three fingers will zoom the screen in. After that was off I was able to do the level

    • Absolutely. I tried this forever. As soon as I turned off zoom in settings>accessibility it worked the first time I tried.

    • Agreed. ZOOM OFF in Settings>General>Acessability. I hadn’t realised apple changed the ZOOM from one to three fingers! Explains why my iPhone has been unexpectedly zooming!

  14. i got all 4 CHIMEs, but the damn door does not open. The app crashed a dozen times.

  15. For those of you who think you are getting all 4 chimes…make sure that you are not just getting the chime for the single red press when you try to hit all 3. There’s a difference in the sound so that you can tell. This was happening to me. Hope it helps!

  16. Press all the buttons and hold them for a while. It worked for me that way. Hope it helps

  17. After lots of frustration i googled an answer. Strangely enough i turned my device upside down and it worked first try.

  18. Have tried this for DAYS…. Cannot get it to work! I can read,
    So I know what has to be done, but it won’t open the damn


    I was frustrated like many others here. But this is what worked. I pressed and held the buttons when pressing in sequence. Hold each combination down for atleast 2 seconds.

  20. TURNED OF ZOOM FEATURE…worked the first time!!!! OMG so freaking relieved.

  21. Give it to a 7 year old. My son has solvedon 3 ipods for friends…

  22. Still cannot get it. Any other ideas?

  23. I did all three then red then all three twice and it chimed and worked. Odd. It was makings frustrated

  24. yeh bruzz

  25. Agreed that the ZOOM feature must be turned off otherwise you will never get this solved!!!

    The iPhone’s zoom feature is a 3 finger double tap and I guess that iOS is trying to intercept the 3 finger input so the game isn’t getting it properly. You can turn off the zoom settings in “setting>General>accessibility”

    I tried these instructions for about an hour before I did some reading and found that others had noticed that their phones kept zooming. After I turned zoom off I got it in the first try.

  26. this level must have a glitch and these designers better RE-DESIGN this level because it should work very easily. just press the buttons like your supposed to and open the door. ive been trying for days and i am convinced its not me. and its NOT YOU! i have an andoid device, if you read the update section in the game the creators even say themselves that they are new to android programming. no sh*t! before they finish the last 10 levels and release them they better appease all the gamers and their frustrations at a lowsily designed and glitch-full game. go back to programming class 100 floors! argh the frustration of a game at the point where it is no longer enjoyable. if you agree with what i said gimme a hell yea!

  27. this level must have a glitch and these designers better RE-DESIGN this level because it should work very easily. just press the buttons like your supposed to and open the door. ive been trying for days and I am convinced its not me. and its NOT YOU! I have an andoid device, if you read the update section in the game the creators even say themselves that they are new to android programming. no sh*t! before they finish the last 10 levels and release them they better appease all the gamers and their frustrations at a lowsily designed and glitch-full game. go back to programming class 100 floors! argh the frustration of a game at the point where it is no longer enjoyable. if you agree with what I said gimme a hell yea!

  28. Found this and it worked: ‘Ok ANDROID USERS! READ THIS IF YOU TRIED EVERYTHING. I FINALLY FOUND.A SOLUTION THAT WORKED! After going insane of trying every tip and not having those settings that some ppl have, and when I was about to throw my phone, I tried one last way and it worked! Hold your phone with both hands and place each thumb on each blue button. Now press the two blue buttons with your thumbs at the same time, then really quickly with your right thumb hit the red (quick!). It will make that high chime noise and then don’t move your hand position and only use your thumbs! Just hit the red button, then two blues(all with thumbs) AND THEN REPEAT THE FIRST PART AGAIN AND THE DAMN DOOR WILL OPEN!! Omg lol.’

    • OMG IT WORKED. THANK YOU. I seriously thought I was about to go insane. Each shape’s “chime” is a different tone (so if the purple tone sounds like the blue tone, you’re doing it wrong.) Purple’s chime has a higher pitch. I tried your tip and it worked the very first time!

      Holy cow….after hours and hours of multiple attemps this way worked on my Android phone….THE FIRST TIME! ..I was on the brink of insanity!! Thanks….

      • THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!! Took me a couple tries but you’re right, it worked!! Thank you for positing that technique!! *sigh of relief*

    • Thank you soo much Jeri! It took me a couple tries but I got it. I have android and I almost deleted the app. I’ve been stuck on this level for 3 days and its only taken me a day to beat levels 1-83. THANK YOU SOO MUCH(:

    • You a

    • you are the king!

  29. Can’t get that to work either

  30. This is kinda crap. I've done the sequence multiple times in rapid succession where the noises are back to back and it won't open, my wife can't do it on her Android either they should fix this.

  31. The key is the chimes. The red button has the lowest chime. 2 blues together makes a slightly higher pitch. All 3 together makes the highest pitch. If you don't hear the highest chime, then lowest, then middle, then highest again, it won't open. The speed of pressing them doesn't matter. The hard part is actually hitting all three at the same exact time twice in the right sequence.

  32. Hi! I’m an android user, and I think I got the trick here. I don’t know if it has to do with a glitch, or just because it’s slower on android, but DO NOT BOTHER to try pressing the three buttons at once. It just don’t work that way for me.

    What you have to do is press the red button at the center and then the two blue buttons (at once) in quick succession (very quick, only a few milliseconds apart) then you will hear the sound with the highest pitch. Do this for the first and the fourth (remember that the second is for a single tap on the red button and the third is for the taps on the blue button).

    I tried this ten times and it always works. Good luck!

    • Agreed. I can support that on ANDROIDS you can just keep the red button pressed a bit and then have time enough to add the blue buttons.

      Also, you don’t need to be careful about the pitch of the chime: just look at the lights on the ceiling: they should go green if you hit the right combo.

  33. If you have a newer android htc phone go into settings and turn off (uncheck) HTC gesters this enables 3 finger gesters. I tried this for 2 days and couldnt get the high sound on the 3 together as soon as I turned this off I did it the first time.

  34. I think this only will work with some devices. Most droids only recognize 2 points of contact while the IPad and maybe the IPhone has up to at least 4, maybe more. You can download an app off the Droid market that will let you test and see how many your phone will recognize. Just an idea.

  35. I found out how to get it to work on Androids. You can’t do all 3 at once. I rolled my right hand so that quickly but still one at a time my ring finger to index finger pressed and held each of the three buttons from right to left. It’s more like 3 touches and let all three go together. If done right you will hear a third chime other than the red or “both blues” chimes.

  36. Don’t know what all the fuss is about Android or iPhone. I have both…have played this game on both. Solved it first time on both. No trouble with either device. Have iPhone 4 and Galaxy SII. ??????? Both worked fine.

  37. I have lots of anger issues and this game doesn’t fucking help

  38. Emm, thank you, finally worked with your method.

  39. 100 percent it’s the zoom feature in accessibility on iPhone. Tried for months to solve knowing the pattern and chimes. Turned the zoom off from reading this thread and with 30 seconds I passed the level.

  40. Turn off assisted touch for level 84

  41. I tried literally 1000 times and this level doesn’t work. I don’t care if they are new to the Android processors there is no reason for this game to have this much pause. I ineffectively got all three to press at the same time, but as I was trying to finish the sequence it never wants to hit the last one. Its very frustrating to sit here playing the one game I happen to enjoy from the Android market, and can’t play do to formidable glitches in the atmosphere they call 100 floors.

  42. for android users if you go to settings->display&gestures->HTC gestures and disable it then try it. worked on my htc onex.

  43. hell yea!

  44. I after about 5 mins got to the next level. You can hit all three at the same time and two at the same time. (put all three fingers together) ring, middle and index. Try to line them up and if you hit it right it makes a single one high pitch chime, hit the red one next, then the two blue again right after. Then put all three fingers together again and hit them for the last time. If you don’t get a chime then you have to restart over.

  45. As mentioned a couple of times already….
    for iPhone, go into phone settings and turn off the ZOOM feature

  46. Has anyone got this to work on kindle. Been trying for days but only get the two button tone. Even tried holding three stylus at the same time have tried till my hand cramped on more than one occasion

  47. I have tried every tip on this site I play it on my iPad and I have tried everything I can’t get the buttons to go down or ding…..any of them

  48. I emailed Tobi Apps and they said there’s a problem with this floor and iPhone. They said they’re working on it. It doesn’t work on my 4s.

  49. I have a driod x2 and I tried a million different ways finally what I did was use three finger and to get the first high pitch chime I pushed one blue with my ring finger first then red with my middle and then other blue with my index like your tapping on the table really fast then red both blues and again roll tap with my three fingers again and it opened

  50. It didn’t work for me at first, but instead of pushing all three buttons at once, I pushed the red one then the two blue ones fast. Then the door opened (I used a kindle). Hope this helps.

    • Thank you sam!! This is the only suggestion that worked on my LG. WOOHOO I’m through!

    • Sam has the answer for Kindle Fire. Thanks. Two important keys for all those who say it doesn’t work. a. The Fire only recognizes two finger presses at a time, so a fast roll with three fingers is the only way to hit three buttons at once. b. You must hear the HIGHEST chime for the three button touch. Hitting the two blues a little faster than the red will give you a chime, but not the correct one. That’s what screwdriver me up for a long time.

  51. Push the red button first hold and quickly press the two blue. This works for the purple sequence.

  52. i used my middle finger to go across all three buttons at once and that finally worked… after 4 painful days!!!!!

  53. No matter what i try it wont ding when i press all 3

  54. None of this works on my kindle fire, so close too, floor 84…

  55. You have to have the three fingers 'double tap to zoom' option switched off before it will work!

  56. Having the "Zoom" feature(using three fingers tapping twice will zoom in on the screen) on interferes with getting three buttons at the same time. If you turn it off it should work perfectly.

  57. On my kindle fire I harrow press the left blue button and red button together, then the red button, then both blue buttons together, finally the right side blue button and red button together. That lit one of the lights across the ceiling. I repeated that until I only had the last light to go. Then by trial and error I found out you had to hit all three buttons for the finally light to light up.

  58. Ah! You don't have to start from the beginning each time. Once you have made purple, you get a little light at the top of the screen which is purple. I actually found it easier to use three fingers and press each one in turn, just really really fast. When you've got the purple, press the red and that light will come on – then move onto each one in turn until you get that one right. It doesn't reset to the beginning each time you make a mistake.

  59. If you're having problems with this level look above the door as ur trying. A lot of times when u think ur pushing 3 ur actually just pushing 2. Keep pushing all 3I buttons until u see the corresponding light brighten above the door

  60. Actually, its not all that hard once you figure out that you don't have to start from the beginning if you mess up. For the 3 button push on the ipod, I used 3 fingers and just kept tapping like crazy until the light above the door lit up. Then onward to the easier ones.

  61. If you have iPhone turn off the triple tap zoom or you cannot solve

  62. It still doesnt work! Nothing does!

  63. I have an iP4 and it worked first time….

  64. Also, if this is one of the hardest stages, we are in luck because the rest must be easy…. *sarcasm*…. The only difficulty is in making sure you press the buttons and not miss any.

  65. ACTUALLY….it doesn’t have anything to do with SPEED or ORDER, but for simplicity…this is what you have to do:

    Step 1: hold down the left blue button and with the other hand tap the red and then the other blue. Release the left blue button and then tap the red.. If done correctly a purple circle will appear above the door.

    Step 2: tap the red button, a red circle should now appear

    Step 3: press both blue buttons at the same time, and a blue circle will appear above the door

    Step 4: repeat step 1

    Now remember, it doesn’t matter which blue button you start with..it works either way..


  67. All I have to say: Mr.Gameteep, we’re not stupid if u think we can’t see the buttons and the stuff on the door then u r very much wrong. We don’t need u to tell us wats on the door when it’s very clear to see wat is there so shut up and go do something useful with ur life if ur just gonna treat us like 2 year olds.

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