100 Floors: Level 85


100 Floors 85 is one of the easier stages in 100 floors, when you begin the stage you will see 3 candles in the middle on the floor and numbers at the top that are light up. What you need to do is light up the candles according to the numbers on the top. The candles counts from Left to Right like normal so 1 – 2 -3

100 Floors: Level 85 instructions

  1. Light up the middle candle
  2. Light up first candle
  3. Light up third candle
  4. Select knife, take out third candle
  5. Take out first candle
  6. Light up First candle
  7. Select knife take out first candle
  8. Take out second candle

Use the match from the inventory to light up the candle, use knife to remove the flames.

100 Floors Level 85

  23 Responses to “100 Floors: Level 85”

  1. My knife will light the candles and will not take out the candles. Any suggestions?

  2. I have the same problem on android. the knife wouldn’t take out the candles. it light’s them up instead

  3. I also have an Android and can not get it to work.. I can use my finger, but it wont open the door?

  4. Don't need knife to take out candles. Select torch…light 2, 1, 3. Unselect torch..tap 3, 1 and it takes out flame. Select torch and light 1 again. Unselect torch and tap 13 then

  5. Sorry…unselect torch then tap 1 and 2 to take out flame. Door will open…..Android Motorola Atrix

  6. Yeah, this one is bugged. You have to "equip" the knife and then "unequip" in order to put out the candles' fire. Using LG Lucid (that's what I'm experiencing the bug on).

  7. Finding it bugged on Samsung s2 cant put them out.

  8. I have galaxy s2 why does it not put them out??

  9. You don't select the knife to put out the candles. Just touch them with nothing selected.

  10. I have an iPhone and its still not working!!


  12. Omg it won’t work what do you do at the last part

  13. Im using an iPad and the door won’t open

  14. you actually don’t need the knife. you put out the flames by pinching it with your fingers.

  15. I have done everything right but the door doesn’t open

  16. You don’t need to use the knife. Just deselect any items and you can just put out the fire.

  17. Hi ,do as suggested above but the candle number are reversed so : candle 1 is on the left and candle 3 is on the right ,it worked for me

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