100 Floors: Level 86


Floors level 86 is an easy stage if you know what to do. When you begin the stage you will notice that there is a big clock in the middle of the stage on the door. You will also notice a bunch of numbers at the top of the doors. The numbers are 11, 5, 1, 8, and 12. It looks simple enough right? Just follow the order of the numbers on the top and you’re home free? Well not exactly.

The key to solving this stage is to tap on the numbers at the top and watch them spin. Once you do you will try to spin it exactly as it is on the clock

  1. You must spin 1 full circle to the left like the number 11 does then end up at 11 o clock on the second time around
  2. Next spin from 11 to 5 o clock (clockwise)
  3. Continuing clockwise spin to 1 o clock
  4. Counter-clock wise spin to 8 o’clock
  5. spin to 12 o’clock and the door will unlock!

100 Floors Level 86

  • A girl

    the key for me was to not take my finger off the screen at all once I started moving

    • Jenni

      Been trying for ages and ages, and this done the job!!! Thanks!!! Keep your finger on the screen the whole time 🙂

      • 123

        This is the way! Thanks a lot!!!

  • patrick

    Keeping my screen made the difference!! Thanks!

  • Tom

    I keep trying and nothing ever happens, it’s like, one mistake and i’m screwed, does it have to be perfect?

  • Danielle

    When you press the number above the clock, they turn either clockwise or counter-clockwise. You have to move the hand on the clock in the matching direction.
    11 counter-clockwise
    5 clockwise
    1 clockwise
    8 counter-clockwise
    12 clockwise

  • Julie

    I have done everything….kept my finger on the screen done it quickly…got really good at doing it quickly…kept my finger on the white outer ring….nothing….I have an LG phone maybe that has something to do with it. Is there anyone with an LG phone able to open it?

  • marineangel

    You cannot let the dial go past the number. Also when you grab the dial it cannot go backward at any time. It must be one straight swipe to and from each number. It doesnt matter how fast or if you are on the white circle. Just no mistakes

  • Sanju

    does not matter white circle … just dont leave once started and do as marine angel say .. you will be through 🙂

    • Kylie jentor

      It worked for me…….press all numbers first from left to right Then follow Daniels list of numbers of clockwise and anticlockwise. You don’t have to go fast, I went slow and careful not to go over number. I took my finger of dial after turning to each number

  • Helen

    You can take your finger off when you get to the number. You can do it slowly. Just don’t go backwards if you miss the number.

  • Emily

    It’s NOT WORKING! I’m not lifting my finger, I’m going the first full circle, I’m not pausing too long. This level is pissing me off!

  • Epixploit

    You actually just have to move one step back to number 11 for the first one, not make a full circle as this guide says. Otherwise great guide.

  • Steph

    This level is pissing me off I’ve tried everything and its still not working something with my brother were both sitting here doing all different ways that are in the net and its not working seriously pissed off

  • Graham

    Where your probably going wrong is you have to press the no.11 button before moving the hand 1space left then press the no.5button before moving clockwise to no.5, press the no.1 button then move hand clockwise to 1, press no.8 button before moving hand anti clockwise then press no.12 button then clockwise

  • MissingNo the glitcher

    must delete this app D:

  • lydia

    ive tried and tried but its not working

    • B

      You dont have to spin it around a full time!

  • Crystal

    Think of it as a real clock. Well first… here are the steps. Keep your finger on the dial!

    1. Move the dial one space to the 11 o clock counter-clockwise
    2. Move it clockwise all the way to the 5 o clock and then to 1 o clock the same way.
    3. Move it counter clockwise to the 8 o clock
    4. Move it clockwise to 12 o clock
    5. The door should open!!!

  • Korie

    My problem was that I kept doing 9 o’clock instead of 8 o’clock, lol.

  • love0_0

    Focus on the way the numbers are spinning

  • s.k

    Hold your finger on the screen during doing the level

  • M

    Hold your finger on the hand and drag it WITHOUT TAKING YOUR FINGER OFF!!!

  • M

    Hold your finger on the hand and drag it WITHOUT TAKING YOUR FINGER OFF!!!

  • monkey-face

    Its not working at all!!!
    Tried everything and the damn door still won’t open!!

  • B

    ” Floor 86 is an easy stage if you know what to do” Well, duh!

  • adam


  • Tay

    It won’t work. I’ve tried to do it without taking my finger of and it won’t open. Do yo y have to press all of the knobs on top first or something:-( o 0