100 Floors: Level 87


On 100 floors level 87 you will see a bear on the right sleeping and a door in the middle that basically says cannot pass. Move the bear on the right out of the way then tap on the elevator button to see nothing happen. Let the bear fall asleep. Once he does then immediately tap the button again and see that you have passed level 87 for 100 floors.

100 Floors Level 87

  • Thaws

    It might help to mention to move the bear you have to wake him first. To do that shake your phone. Slide him to the right. Them dont touch or move your phone so that he stays out of the way. Then When he is back asleep you are free to hit the up button.

    • Rose

      Thanks that works a lot better than what it says above!

  • katelyn

    i did all of that and all the bear is doing is just standing there he wont go back alseep and i didnt move ipod for 20 min and still nothing!

  • Skulld

    After the bear has moved left, you have to wait for him to fall asleep again then press the button.

  • Jr

    Turn your phone or ipod so that it will be facing the floor and w8 for about 10 seconds

    • Kerrie

      THANKYOU JR!!!!!! My bear nearly drove me mad!!!!

  • dben

    mt bear wont wake up. Help im playnig on kindle fire

    • Aj

      Mine either- I tried shaking

  • jraeg

    Bear won’t wake by shaking. iPad 2

  • swagga

    If you shake the kindle then immediately move the bear then click on the green button the bear moves back into place and falls back asleep but when I wake it back up it just does the same thing! If you know how to solve it please tell us!

    • Snowflake

      You have to wait till it alls asleep then press the button!

  • Parisinthefall

    My bear won’t even wake uo; iPad3– shaking it like crazy! Help!

  • Jeanie

    On level 87 I have no bear or elevator, like at the top of this page. Instead it tells me to bring the fruit down so I try& I do. But I don’t get credit for most of the fruit I bring down, & it goes crazy as to how fast it runs through it. I just don’t understand playing this level.

  • milly

    Basically, what you have to do is shake your device first to wake the bear after that the bear will wake, move him left and keep your device very still for a few seconds to let him fall back asleep and then press the elevator button. hope this helped