100 Floors: Level 89


On 100 Floors: level 89 you will see that there is 9 blocks in the middle, each with their own different letters. In the behind wall are trees of nature. On the bottom right is a cracked coconut shell. Don’t worry you won’t have to drink any coco-juice.

To beat this floor 89 in 100 floors game you need to tap it in the correct order. To make it easy for you to beat 100 floors level 89 we have created a diagram just for you at Gameteep to see how easy it is to beat this stage.


  1. Tap Se
  2. Tap Si
  3. Tap Ni
  4. Tap Fi
  5. Tap Fo
Ensure you follow the order and you will be on your way to beating floor 89 in 100 floors allowing you to move on towards floor 90!

100 Floors Level 89

  21 Responses to “100 Floors: Level 89”

  1. But why that order? What does it mean?

    • There is an arrow point up. Meaning start with the lowest first in there. Which is the coconut. Then pineapple , banana, apple, then pear

    • there is an arrow in the trees pointing upwards, meaning to go from bottom to top. Giving the order of the fruit, an the corresponding amount of letters in each name.

  2. On = One.
    Tw = Two and so on.

    Apple = V = Five Letters = Fi.

    There is an Arrow pointing up, so from bottom to top Coconut (7), Banana (8), Pineapple (9), Apple (5), Pear (4).

  3. it’s the number of letters of the names of the fruits.

    Seven Coconut
    Six Banana
    Nine Pineapple
    Five Apple
    Four Pear

  4. Banana is only six letters … but otherwise, that makes sense!

  5. Fuck that! I thought it had to do with the periodic table.

  6. Each fruit has a certain number of letters. The arrow means to go in the order from bottom to top, so coconut, banana, pineapple, apple, pear. 7 (Se), 6 (Si), 9 (Ni), 5 (Fi), 4 (Fo).

  7. Just give the answer without trying to be funny. Your “coco-juice” comment makes me want to punch you in the throat.

  8. Very mature there, thewalrus.

  9. Some seem to be confused, so I’ll make it clear: yes banana has six letters, but it is second from the bottom of the screen. Just work your way from bottom to top, starting at coconut(7) and ending at pear(4).

  10. I wanted to punch him to lame pun

  11. Instead of just writing down what you have to click on, it would be more interesting with an explanation or hints. Otherwise it’s kinda boring to just go on without even knowing why.

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