100 Floors: Level 90


When you begin this stage you will feel like you have been thrown into the galaxy with 100 Floors: Level 90. 100 Floors: Level 90 is a beautiful stage and is definitely worth your time. At the bottom of the stage is three buttons. In the middle is a door with dots that will light up like the galaxy in the skies.

To beat this stage you must tap the buttons in a certain order, but there is also a hidden button that only you will see at the end. We have created a diagram again to help you solve 100 Floors: Level 90.

  1. Left
  2. Left
  3. Left
  4. Middle
  5. Middle
  6. Middle
  7. Left
  8. Right
  9. Right
  10. Final Dot

100 Floors Level 90

  • Ben

    Why is it called 100 floors when there are only 70 floors seems a bit pointless

    • Faith

      When you upgrade then it gives you more floors

  • kyle

    i got the first 6 to light up but after that nothing else happens for me if anyone could help i would thank them many times. :S 🙂

    • Anna

      Press the little button at the top right of the screen 🙂

  • FlyingPizza_056

    That last f*ckn button is a little bitch, goddawm! just tried an hour to get the full combination…

  • Answers

    I had to hit a medium sized star in the upper right corner, you could try that.

    • GGamerXDemolition

      Yes. AS ALWAYS Gameteep forgets to mention something COMPLETELY CRUCIAL to the floor.

      This message has been approved by Mojang, Hollywood, Nintendo, Weird Al Yankovic and of course, LeBron James.

  • Anonymous

    What final button?!?!?!?