100 Floors: Level 92


Did you ever think you would see some sort of medical environment in 100 Floors? We certainly didn’t, even if it is slightly just arrows and letters. At least we know our eye sight is good enough to get pass this level 92 in the 100 floors game.

When you begin level 92 in 100 floors you will notice a bunch of letters on the left and a bunch of Ws spun around on the right. Each letter grows smaller as it goes down just like the eye doctor’s place! On the top left is a compass and above the door is the letters “OPEN”. In the middle are four blocks with arrows on them and your task is to get them in the correct order in order to beat Level 92 in 100 Floors!

To beat Level 92 in 100 Floors you must follow the solution below carefully

  1. Top Left – Arrow Up
  2. Top Right – Arrow Right
  3. Bottom Left – Arrow Up
  4. Bottom Right – Arrow Down

This will unlock the door on Level 92 of 100 Floors allowing you to proceed into Level 93 of your 100 Floors game!

100 Floors Level 92 Solution

  • Chris

    (I didn’t work this out until seeing the answer, silly me)

    Under the word open are four lines.
    Order them from largest to smallest. E N O P.

    Find those letters on the left eye chart and the and the corresponding “E” on the right chart.
    Then set the arrows the way “E” is facing, left to right, top to bottom.

    E N
    O P

    • lamb

      Chris, thank you for your explanation!

  • ChiBo

    I figured out the reason!

    First of all, above the door is the letters OPEN with varying length lines below each letter.
    Each of the lengths represent one of the 4 directions of the compass, where the north-south, north-west, south-east and south-west are of different lengths.
    These directions represent which letter is assigned to the 4 corners of the door (i.e. O is south-west, meaning it’s the bottom left arrow on the door, P is south-east meaning the bottom right artow of the door, etc).
    Now we know which letter is which arrow, but how do you know the direction?

    You look up the letter on the left side, then find the “E” on the right side chart on the same location. The direction of the E represent which direction the arrow points. For example this E is in the right orientation and if you were writing, you would continue in the right direction. An E rotated 90 degrees means you would continue writing also in that 90 degree direction.

    Hope that makes sense!!

    • Francisco Alvarez

      Good explanation! Thx!!

  • Jeff

    I really don’t think they pay attention when writing these to help on each level. like they say letter W but you can tell its a E. Level 91 they said it the number 16, but not that it was just the number 91 upside down. and level 81 they tell you 6×6 but should have told you that you need to hold the device upside down as they are 9’s not 6’s.

    • Jayne Dowe

      I couldn’t agree with you more, Jeff. Not only that, but they don’t explain, or give the rationale for each step or sequence of steps. Drives me crazy.