100 Floors: Level 93


Level 93 in 100 Floors is an level that is based on time. When you begin the level you will see two button at the bottom of the door and in the middle, two doors with the numbers 9 and 3. Above the door is a clock.

The Solution

To beat Level 93 in 100 Floors, you must tap and hold on the button for the amount of seconds it represents by the number. On the right side is the number 3 so you must tap on the right red button and hold it for 3 seconds. If you are successful, the door will continue to stay lite. Do that for the other door where you need to hold the button for 9 seconds then once both door are lite it will open.

After the door opens you will be able to advance to level 94 in 100 Floors of the Main Tower.

100 Floors Level 93 Solution

    • Rose

      Didn’t work for me

    • Lord Manamort

      tap the stopwatch first and then do the nine

      • a person

        It worked for the 9 but not 3

  • Janice

    I did it

  • R3J0K3

    I took my phone and used stop watch to help I got it on the first try

  • (name)

    help! i need somebody! not just anybody!
    no, really.
    i really need help, i can’t do it!

  • Shayminlover2

    It’s funny how its doesn’t work!

  • Rose

    HELP!!!!!!!! IT’S NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!