100 Floors: Level 94


Level 94 in 100 Floor looks like an stage for actors from the heavy amount of spotlights on the stage covering almost the entire screen! When you begin the stage you will see three lights at the top and three lights at the bottom. They are all shining in different directions and you can adjust their directions by tapping on the lights individually.

The Solution

To beat Level 94 in 100 Floors you must shine the lights in a certain order. You can beat the stage by simply following the picture guide we created for Level 94 in 100 Floors but if you can’t see the image then let us try to explain.

You need to make an X with the two top lights from the left and bottom. Then the light on the right, the top one needs to shine at the bottom one and the bottom one needs to shine at the top one.

Once you do this the door will open on Level 94 allowing you to advance your game in the Main Tower of 100 Floor to Level 95!

100 Floors Level 94 Solution

  7 Responses to “100 Floors: Level 94”

  1. If you’re wondering WHY this works, note the number 11 above the door. You’re creating XI with the lights… eleven in Roman numerals.

  2. I have a key blocking the top right light so I can’t move it to the right position. Anyone know how I can get rid of the key?

  3. My cousin did it with all the lights pointing straight up or down… didn’t know if he was lying or not

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