100 Floors: Level 95


Level 95 in 100 Floors is a stage that will make you feel like you are in space. When you begin the stage you will see an dark area with stars and lights. In the middle are dots, yellow dots where you can press and make them change colors. On the right side are the numbers 8/26.

The Solution

To beat Level 95 in 100 Floors you must tap all three buttons on top and bottom turning them green. Make sure the rows on the top and bottom are all green then the last dot in the middle also needs to be green. Once you do this the door will open in 100 Floors and will allow you to advance into Level 96 of the Main Tower in your 100 Floors game.

100 Floors Level 95 Solution

  22 Responses to “100 Floors: Level 95”

  1. But why? Why this combination of greens?

    • You are making the letter H which is the 8th of 26 letters in the alphabet – green and sideways just like the numbers.

  2. Oh in Norway we have 29 letters so I did not get it ….

  3. it doesn’t matter if the last is the middle one or anyone else

  4. What’s the logic here? How are we supposed to know that this is about the English alphabet with the multi color buttons and outerspace background? Why do the buttons change to blue at all? You can’t make every letter of the alphabet (legibly) with a grid of nine buttons.

  5. It is cause its the 8th alphabet? H?

  6. I was confused because the date today happens to be august 26th, so I thought it had something to do with a calendar. Weird coincidence.

  7. ha, I am solving this one on Aug 26 so I though the numbers showed the date. This puzzle still doesn’t make sense though. Why would it be alphabet?

  8. Ahh, 8th letter of a 26 letter alphabet. I actually fluked out and got it within about a minute by just randomly hitting lights. I was quite surprised but needed to know -why- I got it.

  9. This is pretty much the gayest of all levels. Next to 89, the one with all the fruit, that is.

  10. Outerspace? 9 buttons of alternating Yellow,Green, and Blue? 8/26 on the left written vertically? 8 divided by 26? Nope. What so special about August 26th? Do I need to change the date? Nope. Too many stars to count. Night time… maybe that means let the device enter standby? Nope. Maybe switch it off instead? Shake the device? Nope. Set the alarm for 8:26? Nope. Tapped everywhere… In alphabet order turn button 1,2,3,4 blue — 5,6,7,8,9 green — 1,2,3,4,5,6 yellow? Nothing. Knife? Nope. Fire? Nope. Brush? Nope. There are way too many possibilities to think of… so I might as well see what the answer is. Really????? A sideways H?

  11. I got it within the first three seconds by randomly pressing the buttons I just wanted to press them all and I happen to do them in order the first time it was on green 🙂

  12. Maybe the space in the background has to do with the telescope, the Hubble telescope is the most famous in the world and it starts with an H.

  13. I concur with you in every way Kirk!

  14. I rhought it was something to do with today’s date. Doh

  15. It was weird I played this level on August 26th (8/26). That had me thrown way off.

    • Sideways 8/26 and in green font colour. 8th letter of alphabet. Turn phone sideways and draw an 8 in green. Too simple really

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