100 Floors: Level 97


Level 97 in 100 Floors is one of the cleaning and most beautiful floors of this new stage, perhaps because its silver and red. In the middle of the door you will see thin lines and circles. Strangely at the bottom of the door are numbers and at the top left is even more numbers. You will also see four lights at the top and there is a balloon that is floating about. Get the balloon to the bottom then pop it with your knife to reveal a paper, pick it up.

The Solution

To beat Level 97 in 100 Floors simply head on over to the four board cards at the bottom then tap them each from left to right and fill them with these numbers

  1. 3
  2. 5
  3. 7
  4. 7
The door in your level 97 of 100 Floors should open allowing you to advance into Level 98 of your Main Tower 100 Floors game.

100 Floors Level 97 Solution

  • a

    Why is this the answer?
    whats the explanation for this?

    • Marco ITA

      2,3, and 5 are the dividends of 30 so that 2x3x5 is equal to 30
      735 can be divided by 3 = 245, 5 = 49 and you can guess now 7 and 7

      • Olol

        But what does it have to do with the circles and lines on the door?

        • Dre

          That’s a factoral tree

  • Vee

    Then why doesn’t it accept 3775 or 3757 as answer?

  • Bar-B-Barn

    I gues like Vee I’m puzzled by the specific order of the numbers in the solution. If I take w(x,y,z) as suggested, 7357 is a valid answer: brackets first 3×5=15 x 7=105. Then 7x(105)=735. Why 3 is the first number must have to to with the graph but I don’t get it

    • Bar-B-Barn

      Aaaaah! Thanks Darren. I have no recollection of this part of my school years, but this explanation finally ties all the loose ends for me!

  • john

    i have the easy conclusion lol in the wall the number is (30,235) and the papel is (735, ) now heres the trick pick the first and the last number (3x,xx5) and (7xx,x7) the last 7 is in the levels # 97 this is how i pass the level

  • Gen

    John has the best, easiest and smartest answer!!

  • Random person!

    Holy cow this solution is the last 4 letters of my phone number