100 Floors: Level 98


There is a huge calculator when you first begin level 98 on 100 Floors. It has been a while since we saw such a big calculator on any game and this is definitely one of those games that makes you think of math. Some people love the idea of math however, some do not, regardless, you will see a huge calculator and you will need to use it no matter what to beat level 98 in 100 Floors!

The Solution

In simple terms, you just need to enter the numbers below and you will be able to unlock the door in Level 98 of 100 Floors. Keep in mind you need to press the enter button after you have entered the number before it activates the door opening the calculator.

The number to enter into the calculator are as followed

  • 52375
  • Enter
This will open the door in Level 98 of your 100 Floors app game for Android or Apple devices.

100 Floors Level 98 Solution

  13 Responses to “100 Floors: Level 98”

  1. Use the brush to reveal a number on the lower left of the elevator

  2. But why? I don't just want to know the answer I want to know the logic behind it!

  3. If you use the paint brush, you'll notice you can reveal "51782" on the bottom left of the elevator. I'm not sure how this is significant, but I tried to deduce the difference between 40963 & 46665. The difference is "5702". The difference between 46665 & 52375 is "5710". The difference of "5702" & "5710" is 8, which is figured is level 98? Such a long shot I know. Lol

  4. Each number on the calculator is made up of several lines. 4 has 4 lines, 5 has 5 lines, 1 has 2 lines etc etc. so 51782 = 52375 because of the number of little lines each number consist of. Hope I explained that ok!

  5. This is for tech heads that track the number of segments lit up on a standard seven segment display for a given number. Each digit gets replaced by the number of display segments it takes to create that particular digit on the calculator display Hence the following 1 takes 2 segments, 2 takes 5 segments, 3 => 5, 4 => 4, 5=>5, 6=>6m 7=>3, 8=>7, 9=>6, and finally 0 takes 6 segments. so 123(the given number) => 255(the respective segment counts).

  6. Thanks a lot.. This solution is perfectly clear to me now.

  7. why not 32755? or 75352? or or or or………. its the same segment number.

    • I think you're missing the point. You're not looking for any old number with 5 segments or 2 etc. You are looking to see how many segments each number in 51782 contains. That is the number on the wall and 51782 = 52375.

  8. The answer is 52375 because if you break up the number in the paint 5-1-7-8-2 the first number 5 has 5 little lines, the second number "1" has two little lines, the third number "7" has 3 little lines etc…

  9. I am not a member of MENSA but nor am I stupid. I fail to find any degree of logic to the vast majority of this ‘game’.

  10. Well’ when u think about why the clue says 49063=46665 on the digital numbers, eventually you’ll know that it’s the number of line to make a digital number,

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