100 Floors: Level 99


It appears that Level 99 in 100 Floors is yet another math symbol-based stage that will have players dreaming about math tests from high school. At the beginning of the stage you will see a big 15 number in the middle of the door. Above the door are also a bunch of numbers with empty boxes beside them. In the lower bottom you will see 3 red buttons each with a math symbol.

The first one is the multiply symbol in the middle is the equal while on the far right is the divide symbol (do not mistake it for the plus sign). The plus and minus symbols are actually your volume controls. When you press the increase volume control you will get a plus sign and vice-versa.

The Solution

To solve the puzzle in level 99 of 100 floors you must place these symbols in this order then the door will unlock allowing you to beat level 99 of 100 floors!

  1. PLUS (Volume +)
  5. MINUS (Volume -)

100 Floors Level 99 Solution

      • Kat

        “U must b dumn as hell” because YOU can’t spell!


      • Ask.YoMomma

        E Compton Corona I agree with Kat

      • jess

        not sure if this has been answered but the plus and minus are also on screen but VERY hard to see between the two brown lines either side of the door hope this helps

        • Rheds77

          Thank you Jess! Very helpful info! On Kindle Fire.

      • Lucien

        How are we supposed to know that the volume buttons apply to the game or that we will even need them?

        • eddie

          On two previous levels you used the sleep/power button as well as the volume down (-) . That alone should let you know that they are using pretty much everything on your phone.

          -Sleep/power was for the sleeping bear
          -Volume down was for when you had to turn your volume all the way down.

          • Epixploit

            Sleep button for the bear? I just shook my phone to wake him, pressed him once to move him and then waited for a few seconds for himvto fall asleep again so i could press the elevator button.

    • Brandon- Lee burgess

      how how do u do it on a kindle fire

      • Rachel

        There are barely visible – and + signs beside the elevator doors in the bottom of the dark divider.

  • Mimi

    It won’t work if your phone is on silent. Make sure you have the ringer switch on.

  • buttmunch

    Is it just me or this equation is just stupid. Using bodmas/bomdas 3+(3*4)= 15, or if you don’t use bodmas it equals 24. But in the game, it equals 4? And then you multiply it by 5 and then subtract 5. It would make more sense if it was 3/3*4=4*5-5. That is 3/3=1, 1*4=4, 4*5=20, 20-5=15.

    • Jackson

      No, your first equation is right, your logic is wrong. You need to get both sides of the equation equal to 15. So 3+(3*4) = 15. And (4*5)-5=15. So the full equation reads as 3+(3*4) = (4*5)-5. Both of which equal 15, the number on the door.

      • lost_grrl

        You have to remember how equations are actually solved as opposed to just doing it left to right. For the longest time I was trying to solve strictly left to right and was getting stuck…then I remembered 8th grade algebra!

    • Poonluck

      In equations, if there are no ( ), multiple / divided get first priority before +/- . That’s why 3+3×4=15 and 4×5-5=15. Only (3+3)x4=24.

  • Luke

    Reboot your phone, worked for me

  • Cory

    My volume button is broken does that meen I’m SOL I really liked this game this sucks

    • Joshua

      I have the same problem, my volume button (the double sided single button for both buttons thingy) broke, and so I have been using the software to adjust my volume as opposed to the actuals buttons. i had to find a probe, just to pass this level. And I never even considered the volume control as a possibility because of this (I ashamedly had to look it up).

  • Chris

    The plus and minus are on my optimus LG are left and right of the scteen. I cant see them but I was just tapping around on the screen and found them.

  • Alex

    I don’t understand why this equation wouldn’t work 3-3X4+4X5-5. It equals 15 since 3-3=0, multiply it by 4 and it equals 0, add 4 and you get 4, multiply by 5 you get 20, subtract 5 and you end up with 15. The solution is not unique so it should allow for multiple answers.

    • turbofreak

      According to basic math principles, your answer to your equation would be 6 and not 15. You have to do multiplication and division before any adding or subtracting.

      • Hailey

        Still they only except one anwser for example I put in 3+3-(4/4)+5+5. This gives you 15 using pemdas. Starting with the division 4/4 is 1. 3+3=6. 6-1=5. 5+5+5= 15.

    • John

      you have -15

    • Benji

      Another way is 3+3-(4×4)+(5×5). I think the trick is that you HAVE to use every symbol. +-x/

  • crazyzat

    I have a kindle fire and adjusting the volume doesn’t work any body find out how to get past this level?

    • Allie

      Thank you so MUCH!

  • Tonia Johnson

    For kindle fire the plus button is the panel to the left of the 15 the minus is the panel to the right

  • Frode

    This is just idiotic. Why does there have to be an equals sign? The order could just as easily have been 3*3 + 4*4 -5 -5. But no, even though that also equals 15, the game decides that only one of the different answers is correct. I thought this game was supposed to be strictly logical.

    • Hugh Junit

      Well, half the answers are completely random and can’t be solved logically, then the majority of the other half make assumptions about who you are and what you have studied…

      • Hugh Junit

        Basically it’s a pretty stupid puzzle game

  • nate0817

    This level cannot be beaten on the kindle fire because there is no plus and minus! I NEED HELP!

  • Mbj1981

    On the kindle Fire there is a plus symbol in the small rectangle on the bottom left of the elevator door and the subtraction symbol is in the right side bottom. They are white so it’s hard to see but they’re there.

  • tank1989

    How do u do it if u have a kindel

  • alicia anderson

    Plus and minus sign next to the elevator door.

  • J

    I cant find the plus or minus

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  • rezajahirmuzahad

    cheat level 99

  • Jam

    3/3*4=4*5/5 but that didn’t work… They should check their puzzles…

    • Hugh Junit

      That doesn’t equal 15