100 Floors – Christmas Special: Level 1


This new level 1 stage in the Christmas Special under the Seasonal Tower section of the game in 100 Floors is the beginning of the holiday tunes. You’ll hear some really good Christmas tunes that will simply make you enjoy the game more.

In this specific level, you’ll see four numbers and above/below each numbers are arrows. Once you tap on an arrow, the number will change but that’s not all! The numbers beside it will change as well.

Your job is to get the numbers to read 1225 because that’s the Christmas date Month/Date (12/25)


In more simple terms
  • Tap First Arrow 4 Times up
  • Tap Fourth Arrow 4 times up
  • Tap Third Arrow Up once
  • Tap the Second Down Arrow Three times
This will open the door on this level 1 Christmas Tower stage allowing you to advance into the next level of the game.

100 Floors - Floor 1 Christmas Seasonal Tower

  2 Responses to “100 Floors – Christmas Special: Level 1”

  1. david je smotan

  2. I figured it would be 1225 but couldn’t work out how to get it there

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