100 Floors – Christmas Special: Level 10


Welcome to Level 10 of the Christmas Specials level in the Seasonal Tower of your 100 Floors game! This level is quite a dozy, there is not a single solution but there are millions of combination to solving this puzzle but we’ve documented our solution and how you can beat the stage step by step by following our exclusive guide for Level 10 of your Christmas Special in 100 Floors!

In this stage, you’ll have to select the Chess piece in your inventory and place it onto the chess board. When you do this, the piece of chess will have black ink that covers the board. Your job is to cover the entire board and fill it with black. The piece of chess you will be moving with is a Horse and for chess players you know that that piece of Chess can only move in an L shape direction. The same applies here.

Begin the level by selecting the chess piece and placing it onto the door. Move the piece in an L direction until the entire board is covered in black. Please use the image for reference.

Short Instructions

  • Select the Chess piece
  • Move the Chess Piece in an L direction
  • Cover the board in black
  • The door will open

Once you’ve been able to cover the entire door in black that would mean that you’ve beaten level 10 of the Christmas Specials in 100 Floors. Tap on the green arrow to advance to Level 11 of the Seasonal Tower on another Christmas Special level of your game!

Picture walkthrough

100 Floors - Christmas Special Level 10

Video (Solution may differ)

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