100 Floors – Christmas Special: Level 12


Welcome to level 12 of the Christmas Special of the Seasonal Tower in 100 Floors. In this floor you’ll be doing some math to get pass this stage. If you are a person that loves numbers then this is definitely the stage for you. We don’t recommend players that loves numbers to continue to read the solution or look at the spoilers below because that’ll ruin the fun for them.

When you begin this level you’ll see a bunch of stars in the middle where the numbers should be. Around it are these equations.


= =    =   =

* > *>*< *

=  =  =  =

X+Y= A*B

Basically you need to find numbers that works out in this equation and one of the biggest hint is in the greater than and less than signs which really helps  you with the numbers. The solution is 3215 which will open the door.

Short Instructions

  • Punch in 3215
  • The door will open

Once the door opens that means you’ve beaten Level 12 of the Christmas Special in your Seasonal Tower of your 100 Floors game. You can tap the green arrow to move onto Level 13 of the Christmas specials in 100 Floors!

100 Floors - Christmas Special Level 12

  4 Responses to “100 Floors – Christmas Special: Level 12”

  1. Thanks this is a hard level

  2. Thanks; I cba to try and do math this early in the morning.

  3. Why doesn’t 4217 work?

  4. because 4+2 does not equal 1*7

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