100 Floors – Christmas Special: Level 14


Welcome to the Level 14 of the Christmas Special saga in the Seasonal Tower for 100 Floors, one of the hardest stage if you don’t already know the solution. Your task in this stage is to follow the tiny diagram shown on the ground and complete the puzzle using lines.

In this stage, there are small points you can tap (nearly invisible on smaller devices). Each point will create a yellow line but you cannot go over the line again. On top of that there are other restrictions you’ll notice in the game when tapping on other points which will reset your entire drawing. To beat this stage you must follow the starting of the diagram on the ground.

One of the things that players don’t know about this stage is they can draw the lines on a diagonally which may seem impossible but just check out this photo below.

100 Floor Christmas Special Level 14 Lines

That being said, it’s not that easy to simply draw something that you can barely see.


100 Floors - Christmas Special Level 14 Answer

Short Instructions

  • Draw using the yellow lines

Once you have completed the drawing, the door will open instantly allowing you to beat Level 14 in the Christmas Special level of the Seasonal Tower in your 100 Floors game. This means you have beaten the stage and you may progress to level 15 if you wish by tapping the green arrow.

100 Floors - Christmas Special Level 14


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