100 Floors – Christmas Special: Level 15


Welcome to the level 15 stage of the Christmas Special in the Seasonal Tower of 100 Floors! You’ve made it! To the last stage of this Christmas Special! Yes! You’re just blocks away from beating the Christmas Specials for the Seasonal Tower and you might wonder if you want to tactical this stage yourself? Well if you do please stop. If you’re looking for what to do to beat this stage then continue below.

This level is another puzzle solving level. It’s quite easy but if you are wondering what you are suppose to do then you’ll see orange blocks with a single blue block. On the top left corner, there is an empty hole where you need to plug the blue block into. Once you do this the stage will finish.

Short Instructions

  • Move the orange blocks around
  • Try to get the blue block to the top left corner
  • Stage will finish

Once you have placed the blue blocks into the top left corner of the stage, the blocks will disappear and the stage will end. That means you’ve beaten Level 15 of the Christmas Special in your Seasonal Tower of 100 Floors! Amazing! Now enjoy the holidays and follow-up by helping others and giving advice in parts that may be better explained!

Remember some stages have millions of solutions or combinations like this one. Helping others is always part of the holiday seasons so have fun and hopefully these Christmas Special guides for the Seasonal Tower has helped you in your 100 Floors game!

100 Floors - Christmas Special Level 15

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  1. I found you need to keep your device flat or the blocks will slip back.

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