100 Floors – Christmas Special: Level 9


Welcome to Level 9 of the 100 Floor Christmas Specials in the Seasonal Tower. In this stage you’ll see an blank screen door wheny ou first begin and a Christmas Tree on the left side. This stage isn’t a difficult stage and probably won’t take very long. Generally players may want to tactical this stage on their own because it’s probably just a simple challenge. At any rate, if you need help please follow along in our guide below.

To beat this stage, you need to tap on the right switch. It looks like a white square with a grey tint border. Once you’ve tapped this switch you’ll see red squares come onto the door in the middle. Now you’ll need to tap each square in a certain combination that will unlock the door on this level 9 stage of 100 Floors.

This special combination is tapping the bottom left, top right, bottom right, top left, then finally the middle square. Once you do this the door will open.

Short Instructions

  • Tap the white switch on the right
  • Tap the Bottom Left square
  • Tap the top right square
  • Tap the bottom right square
  • Tap the Top left square
  • Tap the middle square
  • The door will open.

Once the door opens you would have beaten this stage and you will be ready to go beyond level 9 of this Christmas Special level into level 10 of your 100 Floors game!

100 Floors - Christmas Special Level 9


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  1. That happy moment when you press these squared randomly and automatically pass the level 😀

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