100 Floors – Seasonal Tower: Level 1


The Level 1 of Seasonal Tower is definitely a frustrating stage to begin their new line of Halloween tower. It’s certainly easy when the answer is flat out in front of you but with a stage with absolutely tiny indication that you can slide the panel left and right. Some players may miss their hints.

While we want to make the solution as easy as possible for you, that’s why we’ll just explain to you what you’re tapping and let the image below tell you the correct answer.

To beat this stage, you must spell out the world “Halloween” this isn’t no easy task like the other stages we’ve seen in 100 Floors, but a much more brain testing stage. Some may even consider it frustrating because it’s definitely not a walk int he park.

Regardless, you need to tap on the button and slide the panels left and right to reveal different letters which means the blanked out letters are also different “Hidden letters”. If you’re here then you are probably wondering how to past this stage, well we wish we could take you through it by our words but that’s extremely difficult.

Simply follow the image we’ve created to help you get past this stage. See you on Level 2.


100 Floors Seasonal Tower - Level 1

  11 Responses to “100 Floors – Seasonal Tower: Level 1”

  1. If you think of the panels as sections on a keyboard, it makes it easier to spell “Halloween”.

  2. Hw did u come up wd te answer and why are the letteres arranged like that?

  3. If you look at the solution, or the way the tiles are arranged (i.e. the ‘s’ and ‘d’) you can kinda deduce that it is arranged as a qwerty keyboard…

  4. Did it from memory 🙂

  5. Soooo hard

  6. Can some one reply it is not working for me

  7. Swipe the door left or right then follow the numbers above

  8. I did all that but nothing happened. Someone please help me I’ve been stuck on this one for 2 weeks.

  9. It’s basically a qwerty keyboard across thread screens with lots of letters missing. You need to type the word Halloween on the keyboard where the letters would be. You will need to know where the keys are. A blackberry keyboard is set up as qwerty

  10. I am also confused. I had actually figured out that it was a keyboard, and guessed that I needed to type Halloween. The problem is that I tried a few times with no success. I even looked at a keyboard to make sure I pressed the correct ones, and nothing happens. Is there something else that needs to done after you press the N?

    • The letter “O” is in the spot where the letter “P” should be. They switched the two somehow. So “O” right above “L”

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