100 Floors – Seasonal Tower: Level 11


The Level 11 on the Seasonal Tower of 100 Floors is a Tap Tap Tap stage that is quite simple if you remember the order of solving the puzzle and know the secret code to solving it.

When you begin the stage, the bottom left will have a lantern that has fallen off the upper top of the roof. There is also one on the top right. The others are all pumpkins either on the ground or hanging above the door. The most important thing you need to know about this stage is that there is a pumpkin you’ll actually never touch. That is the one on the far right bottom.

To beat this stage you must hang the lantern back to the top on the left after you have picked it up. Then tap on the lantern. Each tap on any of the object will lite up the pumpkin or lantern. Follow the diagram below to successfully open the door on this stage.

Make sure you tap the order of the diagram from 1-10 following the numbers correctly. Once you do this the door should open. If it doesn’t then reset and follow the diagram again. We’re only working with the two lanterns and the three pumpkins in the middle. This should open the door on Level 11 to level 12 in your Seasonal Tower of 100 Floors!

100 Floors Seasonal Tower - Level 11

  4 Responses to “100 Floors – Seasonal Tower: Level 11”

  1. Can someone explain why this is the answer?

  2. This is wrong
    After you put the lantern you should make the two letters w and n . On the door you see that the letter w and n have arrows so you just have to draw them in the arrow direction
    Tapping on number one is not necessary

  3. to Sami: “Tapping on number one is not necessary” Yes, it is. This is the placement of the lantern on the post.

    • No it’s not. The red circle on the ground and arrow up to the top is placing the light. The correct solution is making the W and N (order matters, W first).

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