100 Floors – Seasonal Tower: Level 4


Level 4 in the Seasonal Tower of 100 Floors, isn’t as easy as it looks – even with our diagram. You need to follow these instructions so carefully, or you’ll just get stuck on the stage without knowing why.

First, it’s not just the lines on the circles that matter. For veteran players that have had extensive experience with this usually wonder why even following diagrams, you may get stuck. This is because there are also shadows on each side. One side of the circle is brighter than the other. That means tiny details like this matters in successfully beating this stage.

When you first begin the stage,  you will notice that there is a bunch of circles on the middle of the door. You’ll also notice a map at the top showing you how to possibly “draw” your way out of this puzzle. However, it’s never that easy in 100 Floors anymore. You’ll have to consider many aspects but it’s just best if you follow the diagram below following the arrow on the map.

Make sure you are using a fresh game or be sure that the shadows on the half circles appears to make a difference for you in opening the door or not. It’s not about just aligning the lines with the ones in our diagram.


100 Floors Seasonal Tower - Level 4

  9 Responses to “100 Floors – Seasonal Tower: Level 4”

  1. Its as simple as counting, the first is 0 taps, following the diagram at the top, its 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 taps.

  2. How do you do level 4 can you please tell me

  3. I done exactly wat the diagram said and its not opening at all

  4. its the moon phases

  5. The picture isn’t wrong, they just couldn’t do the last tap on that circle because then the door would have opened and they wouldn’t have been able to take a picture. That’s why they made the arrow and said “Final Tap”.

  6. I did the 0-7 but there are 9 circles and when I do the last circle it takes 8 taps and is NOT opening

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