100 Floors – Valentine’s Special: Stage 9


Welcome to another Valentine’s Special stage for 100 Floors. And today we’re on Stage 9 of the special update for Valentine’s Day. This new stage is quite unique and it looks like the developers aren’t just focusing on the theme of Valentine’s but is going back to it’s roots with original stages but named differently.

When you begin the stage you’ll notice that there are a bunch of blocks with symbols on them. Don’t be afraid because it doesn’t really take that much of the symbol than the diagram above to show you how to beat the stage. What you need to do is look at the diagram above the door (the one with the arrow) and follow it’s instructions on tapping the arrows. That’s right to beat this stage you need to tap the buttons at the bottom of the stage.

Now that you see the buttons and know they actually play a big role in helping you get your game going. It’s time to learn how to solve this puzzle and beat the stage.

Short Instructions

To beat the stage hit the buttons in this order

  • Up
  • Up
  • Down
  • Down
  • Left
  • Right
  • Left
  • Right

100 Floors - Valentine's Special Stage 9

  • Nizar seba

    What’s that mean?
    How you solve it?
    I didn’t understand that, please explain.

    • LaFra

      I think that every picture correspond to a letter U D L R. Start from the top left and then go clockwise as the diagram shows. Umbrella means U so tap the arrow up, USA up again, disk down etc.
      Hope it’s right! Cheers

  • Kevin Bacon

    It’s the Konami code!

    • Noah


  • Alli


  • Alli


    • mark

      Konami code. It’s a code that works like this. Umbrella and usa both start with U so they stand for Up. Disc and Dog start with D so they stand for down. L, left, rabbit, right, lips, left, rose, right

    • Just some guy…

      Essentially an inside joke for any old school gamers on the old konami console

  • Alley

    Oh, I thought each picture represented a month. =P

    Like lips was Valentines, bunny was Easter, and you just had I put the months I order except that wouldn’t make sense, really… Because… Blah…