Feb 092013

It looks like 100 Floors has joined the spirit of creating a Valentine themed update with this brand new update that brings brand new heart melting puzzles for you to solve! This brand new Valentine update brings what they call “Valentine’s Special” stages to the Seasonal Tower and 15 brand new stages in total.

These new stages brings 100 Floors back to its roots with simple but passable stages that will test your mind in multiple ways and use your device’s motion sensor and touch screen. We’ve created simple and easy to understand guides below but we do recommend that you try to solve them for the fun of playing the game yourself. However, they are always here foro you.

That being said, you may also check our the Seasonal Tower link for all the floors in the seasonal tower below!

Valentine’s Special

100 Floors Valentines icon

100 Floors – Valentine’s Special: Stage 15


Welcome to Stage 15 of the Valentine’s Special for 100 Floors’s Seasonal Tower. This stage was made in celebration of Valentine’s day and this is the last stage of this special event in your game. Please keep in mind that this stage is quite unique and that you can move the lights that are lighting up the hearts by tapping on the light then the next place it should lite up.

What you want to do to for this stage is to light up the correct hearts so the heart that drops will go across all the hearts on the door. To do this you need to go through trail and error and test your combination to find the best solution but we got that here for you.

Begin the stage by bringing the top two lite up stars down into the middle, that means tap on one of the lite up hearts then tap on the heart in the middle (under it) do it for both side. Now what you want to do is tap on the bottom left lite up heart and then tap the middle heart at the bottom. This will light up the middle heart.

Once you have completed that, it should look like the diagram below. Now tap the red heart hanging from the top and watch the heart reveal the door for you and open it!

Short instructions

You need to make sure these hearts are lite

  • Middle left and right hearts
  • Bottom middle heart
  • Bottom right heart.

100 Floors - Valentine's Special Stage 15




100 Floors – Valentine’s Special: Stage 14

100 Floors – Valentine’s Special: Stage 14

Stage 14 of 100 Floors in its Seasonal Tower update for Valentine’s Special is really a gambling stage with a heart slapped onto it to give it the theme of being an Valentine event. Or is it? Do couples gamble on Valentine’s day? Let us know if you do.

100 Floors – Valentine’s Special: Stage 13

100 Floors – Valentine’s Special: Stage 13

Welcome to the Stage 13 of 100 Floors Valentine’s Special level in the Seasonal Tower of the game. It seem the stages in this Valentine’s special has been nothing but a breeze and shouldn’t take long for most veteran players to tackle even without the clues and solutions. In stage 13 you’ll get another puzzle that is constructed based on gears and having them work together so you can unlock the door on this stage.

100 Floors – Valentine’s Special: Stage 12

100 Floors – Valentine’s Special: Stage 12

We’re back today with a brand new stage for Valentine’s day, Stage 12 in 100 Floors of the Seasonal Tower to celebrate the season of love – or being in love. This stage is rather difficult if you are bad at memories (duh!). It’s one of this estate you will either hate or love or start wondering if you are a forgetful person or just plain bad with memories.

100 Floors – Valentine’s Special: Stage 11

100 Floors – Valentine’s Special: Stage 11

Welcome to Stage 11 of 100 Floors Valentine’s Special in the Seasonal Tower of the game. This stage is beautiful and really well designed. It looks like the designer put a bit of effort into creating the heart and picking out the colors on this stage and it certain does show in the final level when you’re playing it.