Jun 222016
Marvel: Avengers Academy - Spider-Man Special Event Coming Soon!

Released previously as a special limited edition character that was only available to people that purchased him at a premium price, Spider-Man has now been announced into the game and the special event will be arriving soon in Marvel’s Avengers Academy for mobile fans. If you have not picked up Spider-Man as a premium character, [Open page……]

Jun 212016
Dragon City: New Wacky Lab Adventure Island has been Released!

Dragon City developers have released a brand new island dubbed “Wacky Lab” which includes a number of great dragons you can get for your game. This new event/island will be available to players for a total of 17 days and counting. This event was released right after the event which included the High Nucleus Dragon, [Open page……]

May 142016
Marvel: Future Fight - New Civil War Team Iron Man Uniforms (Black Panther)

NetMarble’s game will be updating on May 17th 2016 and with the update comes a brand new set of Captain America: Civil War inspired uniform, characters, upgrades and bug fixes. In this update, you can expect to find three new uniforms for the characters, Black Panther, Iron Man, and War Machine respectively. You will also [Open page……]

Apr 252016
Kingdom Hearts: Unchained x - Proud Quest Event! Timeless River Mickey Medal!

Starting today, players who can clear the ultra-difficult Proud Quests will qualify to receive a special, event-exclusive Medals! Proud Quests, listed in the Events section, contain some of the mightiest enemies around! Strengthen your Medals and Keyblades and test your might against these powerful Heartless! PRIZE Clearing any 1 of the quests below will get [Open page……]

Apr 252016
Marvel: Future Fight's Civil War Update with Thanos & Crossbones!

New Updates information for the game Marvel Future Fight has been released! Based on the Captain America: Civil War movie that will be coming out, Marvel Future Fight takes their game to the next level with a number of new features specifically for the movie. Here are the information on what you can be expecting [Open page……]

Apr 032016

The folks at Telltale Games have released the fifth episode of their epic game, Minecraft Story Mode, dubbed Episode 5: Order Up. Available for Download, Episode 5 is supposedly the last Episode of the game or is it? In the last episode, Episode 4, we defended the world from the Whitherstorm which tried to destroy [Open page……]