Jun 152017

A new monster is now available for you to breed in My Singing Monsters – Dawn of Fire, the second installment to the popular My Singing Monsters game. The new monster is named Edamimi, a four element monster that has the elements of Fire, Water, Plant, and Earth. This monster is breedable using the correct combination of elements and monsters in the game.

If you want to breed the Edamimi you need to simply use any combination with the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Plant. It is recommended that you use two-element monsters to breed for this monster as the hours for breeding is generally shorter. For example, a hybrid of Earth and Fire with a hybrid of Water and Plant. Keep breeding until you get 24-hours as a breeding time, specifically 23:59:59. It will take another 24 hours for the egg to hatch.

Edamimi description

Percussionists are renowned for their well-developed forearms but the Edamimi is not your garden-variety instrumentalist. Far from brawny, its forelimbs are delicate and twing-like, performing a balletic display that can only be described as ap’pea’-ling. Its sound is light and bright, with a metallic clarity that plays in sharp contrast to its organic nature. A precocious rascal, the Edamimi likes to contemplate the havoc that might be wrongt by a single, rogue garden pea. Pet peeves include garden tools, insufficient drainage, and extended droughts.

Jun 022017

A brand new celestial Starhenge monster is now available in My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire for June. Only available for the month of June, the Vhamp is here to celebrate those that are born in this month so be sure not to miss it if this monster represents your month.

The monster is available for you to obtain in the Starhenge map which requires you to complete by spinning the dice then moving the egg towards the end of the map. Once you’ve reached the end of the map you’ll be able to obtain the monster for your game. The monster is 100% free if you do not want to spend gems to buy it and play everyday.

More description about the Vhamp

After eons spent as a sentient, though incorporeal, mass of energy, the Vhamp finally got itself together – quite literally – and constructed its own physical form from random detritus scattered about the universe. More self-assembled than self-actualized, the Vhamp nonetheless seeks to discover its true self through musical experimentation and purposeful self=reflection. With its pipes, gears, bellows, and levers, the Vhamp is an extraordinary aggregate of basic pacts working in complex harmony. It exhibits a steady tempo, smooth airflow dynamics, and wobbly suspension.

Jun 012017
Power Rangers Legacy Wars Releases White Tiger Ranger

Power Rangers Legacy Wars has updated their game with a brand new character and some packages for you to purchase in the game. The new character that has been added in Power Rangers Legacy Wars is the highly popular White Tiger Ranger (Tommy Oliver) from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. White Tiger Ranger Bio When Billy [Open page……]

May 272017
My Singing Monsters Weekend May 26 2017 - Breed Rare Monsters

The winners of our Rare Rumble have emerged… Bowgart, Entbrat and Furcorn! Buy or breed these Rare Monsters all weekend! During this weekend My Singing Monsters developers are now bringing back some rare monsters for you to breed during the week. The winners of the Rare Rumble event are the Bowgart, Entbrat and Furcorn. That [Open page……]

May 132017
How to Breed Rare Whisp (Ethereal) | My Singing Monsters

The Rare Whisp Monster in My Singing Monsters is a special monster that can be bred, and is one of the three new “Ethereals” that was released on September 3, 2013 during the celebration of My Singing Monster’s 1-year anniversary. Developers Notes Welcome to Ethereal Island! You can teleport Ethereal Monsters here from their original [Open page……]

May 022017
Syncopite (Constellation – May) | My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire

Syncopite is a monster found in My Singing Monsters and My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire. Dawn of Fire is the second installment in the My Singing Monsters franchise and is available for Apple iOS and for Android devices. Syncopite BIO The Syncopite was born of a seismic event during which the silence of the [Open page……]