Jul 212017

nWay, the creators of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has launched a brand new update that includes a special exclusive chance for you to get Black Dragon, the Zord. The Black Dragon Challenge is available for 3 days and has attracted some of the toughest challengers across the battle realm to fight for its zeo shards.

The challenge itself has a few requirements that players will find difficult to battle through unless you purchased a lot of Power Crystals to develop your rooster. One of the requirements is for players to have 3x unique teams where you will be forced to battle with one at a time. That means a total of 3 unique leaders and  6 unique assists. The next requirement is for your teams to win a total of 12 battles. You can only lose 3 times until it resets. You will have to start all over again if you lose all 3 times.

Battles from stages 1 through 5 can be completed easily unless you bump into a player of higher character levels. Stages from 5-10 is where the real battle lay. You can die consistently and then have to replay the entire event again. Stages 11 and 12 are where players are put to the test against level 10s and players which might higher stats that could kill you in only a couple of hits.

This event is highly rigged. You have been warned.

Luck also will play a role in your winning.


Jul 182017

Injustice 2 just updated their game with a brand new update making it version 1.5 on the iOS and Android devices. The new update bring a four new frosty characters that includes Captain Cold, Sub-Zero, Aquaman (Gold), and lastly Aquaman (Silver).

Sub-Zero can be obtained immediately as the challenge is available to players that want to obtain the character. You will need to clear the challenge multiple prior being able to unlock the character for your game.

The second Chapter of Injustice 2 has also been unlocked into the game and you can play the second and see what happens next in the story mode of the game.

What’s New in Version 1.5

Chapter 2 has arrived! Play as Harley Quinn and experience the next chapter in this epic DC storyline. Don’t forget to collect those story mode rewards!

Beat the summer heat with Captain Cold, Sub-Zero, and two versions Aquaman. Each new character brings a unique fighting style to any roster: Freeze enemies in their tracks as Sub-Zero, slow an opponent’s power regeneration as Captain Cold, or go for a high damage special attack with Aquaman’s signature Trident Rush.

Version 1.5 contains many new UI features to help players better navigate Injustice 2

– New class wheel in pre-fight screen that shows advantages and disadvantages based on character class
– Tap on any item to view a detailed pop up message
– Moves list located in the pause menu
– Switch button layout in order to play with one or two hands via the pause or settings menus

Campaign Mode has been reworked to feature new character and gear drops as well as changes in difficulty in chapters 4 and 5.

– Fixed combat blocking bug
– Improvements to all Supermoves
– No more losing energy if you are disconnected while entering fight
– 3 New chests: Silver, Gold, and Legendary
– New Chest unlock celebrations

Jul 162017
Megatron released in TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight

One of the most highly anticipated villain in Transformers has been released into the mobile game TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight. Megatron, Optimus’s enemy since Cybertron is now available in a all new crystal called the Enraged Crystal which will give you a chance at getting the character for your game. Available in 3 and 4 [Open page……]

Jul 062017
Spider-Man Unlimited Updates with Homecoming Movie

Spider-Man Unlimited, the endless runner game from Gameloft has updated their game in celebration of Spider-Man Homecoming that will be arriving in theatres on July 7th 2017. In the new update you can be expecting to see a new boss like the Homecoming Vulture and sooner or later you can probably be expecting to see [Open page……]

Jul 062017
Spider-Man Homecoming in MARVEL FUTURE FIGHT

Netmarble, the creators of Marvel Future Fight for the iOS and Android has released a brand new update in celebration of the new movie Spider-Man Homecoming. The new update features brand new uniforms and characters inspired by the new movie and is accessible to all players of the Future Fight universe. Not only have they [Open page……]

Jun 302017
Dark Green Ranger (v2) Now Available in Power Rangers: Legacy War

A new Ranger has been added into the game and it’s none other than the exclusive Green Ranger version 2 that was only previously available to Loot Crate owners. Now you can purchase the “Dark Dragon” Morph boxes which will allow you to get a Guaranteed 1-10 Shards out of the boxes. Once you receive [Open page……]