Mar 072013

Doors&Rooms has finally made the forth update for their game (Chapter 6). In this update you’ll get a brand new chapter is brand new levels for you to solve and play through.

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The new update and chapter 6 is called “Weird Story”, what it means? We’re not sure but that’s what it’s dubbed and you’ll probably be expecting to find some really weird stages in the upcoming levels of Chapter 6.

One of the biggest changes in Doors&Rooms is that their game is no longer dark and gloomy yet it’s quite vibrant. There’s a welcoming feel to the game and it’s certainly pleasant to see the change.

Below are all the solution to Chapter 6 – Weird Story

Chapter 6  – Weird Story



What’s New in Version 1.4.0

The 4th Update is huge! – A weird story unfolds in the wonderland

Have you opened the brand new door in the last update?
I know that you expected a fairytale paradise world behind that door.

Welcome! I know it will be your first experience in our wonderland!
Tons of weird stories that never can experience in reality are waiting for you.
I know you cannot wait to venture through this fantastic realm! Download the update right now!!

★ Chapter 6: Weird Story
10 surreal and mysterious stages are coming.