Jun 122013

The developers begin Doors&Rooms have made the final update to their once popular mystery puzzle solving game. Chapter 7 was just recently released into the update and features 3 brand new stage plus the ending. The chapter is locked to casual players that have not successfully completed all of the basic stages. Yes, every basic stage. You do not have to complete  the premium stages to have access to Chapter 7 but the completion of all the previous chapters is a must.

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That being said, the new chapter is called “Gateway” and there is really two stages in the game while the third and final stage is similar to the rolling of the credits but in a puzzle solving stage way.

If you can’t access the last chapter then you probably haven’t beaten all the previous chapters/stages in the game so definitely head on over to this section to find all the walkthroughs and guides to Doors and Rooms.

New Stages – Chapter 7: Gateway Guides

Find below the guides for Chapter 7, there is three stages in total and each stage is based in a unique location which appears to be a high-tech place where they’ve been watching you play through each chapter of the game. It appears to be the developer’s building? Well at any rate if you need help on solving this check them out below!

Doors&Rooms: Stage 7-3


Stage 7-3 of Doors and Rooms is the last stage of the game and it’s an extremely simple stage that doesn’t really require any special skills. It’s not really even a long level, so don’t frown at the last stage of Doors and Rooms, it’s believed that Stage 7-2, which is the last stage is the true final stage and this is just the finalization or “credits” of the game.

On the left side is the credit screen. You’ll notice the names of the creators, mostly Asian names. The thing you can do on the screen is swipe and slide it to view them all.

Once that’s done… it’s time to move onto the panel on the right near the door.

Doors&Rooms Stage 7-3 Screenshot 1

Once you are at the door you will see only the letter F on this stage and a bunch of missing letters. Well the answer is quite simple because this stage is the final stage in the game and the developers want to thank all the players that have been playing their game. While it is the end of the first game, it is believed that there will be a version two set to be released for players around the world.

What you need to type into the field is “THANK YOU FOR PLAYING”. That’s basically it. Now you have beaten the game. Enjoy!

Doors&Rooms Stage 7-3 Screenshot 3Doors&Rooms Stage 7-3 Screenshot 4

Doors&Rooms: Stage 7-2

Doors&Rooms: Stage 7-2

Welcome to the Doors and Rooms Stage 7-2 in Chapter 7 dubbed “Gateway”. In this stage you will find a number of items on the ground and view enabled areas. You cannot buy hints in chapter 7 for the game so that means you’ll have to figure it out using your wits and skills to problem solve.

Doors&Rooms: Stage 7-1

Doors&Rooms: Stage 7-1

Chapter 7, Stage 7-1 in Doors and Rooms was released on June 10 2013 for the game and is believed to be the final update/chapter in Doors and Rooms.