Jun 122013

The developers begin Doors&Rooms have made the final update to their once popular mystery puzzle solving game. Chapter 7 was just recently released into the update and features 3 brand new stage plus the ending. The chapter is locked to casual players that have not successfully completed all of the basic stages. Yes, every basic stage. You do not have to complete  the premium stages to have access to Chapter 7 but the completion of all the previous chapters is a must.

Doors&Rooms icon

That being said, the new chapter is called “Gateway” and there is really two stages in the game while the third and final stage is similar to the rolling of the credits but in a puzzle solving stage way.

If you can’t access the last chapter then you probably haven’t beaten all the previous chapters/stages in the game so definitely head on over to this section to find all the walkthroughs and guides to Doors and Rooms.

New Stages – Chapter 7: Gateway Guides

Find below the guides for Chapter 7, there is three stages in total and each stage is based in a unique location which appears to be a high-tech place where they’ve been watching you play through each chapter of the game. It appears to be the developer’s building? Well at any rate if you need help on solving this check them out below!