Sep 282013

It looks like the Goldwing Dragon is now in Dragon Story player’s market, though this is not available for every player yet but those that do see the Goldwing Dragon in their market will have the ability to obtain one of these dragons through purchases from the game. If you do not see this dragon in the market then chances are you will not be able to access this dragon until later on in the game when the developers updates your game.


Dragon Story Goldwing Dragon


The Goldwing Dragon is a treasure type dragon that has the ability to generate gold in your game. The Dragon itself cost 1,800 and the only possible way to get this dragon is through buying the dragon in the market. Like all other treasure-type dragons you do not have the ability to breed the dragon unless a breeding combination has been unlocked at a later time.

The Dragon goes into a special treasure habitat where it may be shared with the Treasure Dragon, Stainglass Dragon, or the Midas Dragon. The habitat itself cost about 8,000,000 and holds from 5-10 gold depending on the version you have. There are two versions, A) holds 5 Gold, 1 Dragon or version B) Holds 10 Gold, 2 Dragons.

The Hatching time for the dragon is about 27 hours.

Jul 232013

Remember the Gemstone Dragons in Dragon Story? The ones where you need to use the spell shop to “craft” them because they were from a different dimension or had some special properties where you could not breed for them? Well it looks like the developers had a change of heart and now you are able to breed for these gem type dragon in your game.

The Symbol

Dragon Story Gemstone  Element

The Gemstone element is represented by a colorful triangle symbol with the colors of purple, red, green, and yellow. Don’t go thinking that to get one of these dragons you need to combine these colors though because there’s a brand new dragon for that.

Gemstone Dragon

Dragon Story Gemstone Dragon

The Gemstone Dragon is the key dragon required to obtain other gemstone dragons in the game. To breed the gemstone dragon you must understand that it is not 4 colors like the symbol. It requires the colors of Green and Blue like it shows in the Spell Shop. You can use the Forest Dragon and the Water Dragon for a chance to get the gemstone dragon in the game. Then you can begin getting Gemstone type dragons!

The breeding time is 12 hours and it’ll take another 12 hours for the egg to hatch.

Other Gemstone Dragons

Jun 042013
Dragon Story: Kitsune Dragon, Battle Arena, and more!

Dragon Story players are probably delighted to hear that the there is a new dragon and on top of that, the release of a new feature in the game. The new dragon that was recently released is the Kitsune dragon, a pink looking dragon that most female players will love. In epic form, she looks [Open page……]

May 312013
Dragon Story: Cheshire Dragon is Here!

Dragon Story developers have unveiled the Cheshire Dragon into the game and this pink striped dragon is part of the Fairytale-type dragons in the game. That means for Android-users, you must update to the latest Dragon Story Fairytales to be able to see this dragon in your game. This dragon is a pink colored dragon with [Open page……]

May 282013
Dragon Story: Big Bad Dragon Now Available!

A brand new dragon has hit the markets in Dragon Story and it’s called the Big Bad Dragon, this Big Bad Dragon is a darkly colored dragon in full black with tiny bits of red. It is believed that it’s considered a “Limited Edition Type” dragon from the pop-up the developers have placed into the [Open page……]

May 142013
Dragon Story: Night Elf Dragon released for breeding

The Night Elf Dragon has been released into Dragon Story and it is definitely one beautiful dragon to have in your Dragon Story Isle. This dragon is a single element dragon with the element of Black, this is better represented by the night dragon in the game and this dragon is extremely similar to that [Open page……]