Nov 212012

It looks like a couple of unadvertised dragons has been secretly added into Dragon Story isles. This one is the Storm Dragon. If you play Dragon Story, then be sure yo update your game or you won’t be able to see this dragon because he is “Locked by Goal”.

Dragon Story - Storm Dragon Baby

In the new update, you’ll be able to get this Storm Dragon for FREE if you update today and complete the quests in the new album section of the game. Tap “collect” at the top if you see it in the Album section. If you don’t then continue playing and collecting dragons, you’ll complete the quest sooner or later. Doing this will unlock him from his status “Locked By Goal” and you’ll get him for FREE in your island. You can also breed for him after.

How to breed Storm Dragon (Learn More)

If you want to breed for the Storm Dragon, then that’s possible too! We’re not sure if you can breed one if you have not completed the goal required to unlock him but you could always try.

The Storm Dragon holds the elements of Blue and Yellow which means that it’s a hybrid dragon in the game. The most recommended combination for breeding this dragon is using a Water Dragon and a Yellow Dragon for a chance to get him. The breeding time is 20 hours and so is his hatching time.

Please keep in mind that the question of selecting the dragons on the left or right does not matter. The level of your dragons also does not matter. It is ultimately up to your game to give you the correct breeding time using the two elements.

Jul 202012

Dragon Story is celebrating sporting events with a Dragon Story Athletic Dragon that was just released on July 19 2012 into Dragon Story Isles’ for players to breed. This Athletic Dragon looks similar to the Trickster Dragon that was recently released to us that was purple and part of the error display screen when you couldn’t or lost connection.

Dragon Story Athletic Dragon Baby Icon

What makes this Athletic Dragon so different are a number of things. Although there are similar aspects, there are definitely detailed differences that players should look at. These differences include its blue design and a slimmer body compared to the Trickster Dragon which features a puffer body. You will also notice that the eye and egg colors are very different. Perhaps the biggest difference for the Athletic Dragon is its elements.

The Athletic Dragon’s main elements are Red and Blue, this means you must have a red and blue element within your breeding den for even a chance at getting this Athletic Dragon. Keep in mind that this Athletic Dragon is a rare dragon, even with the right combination, you may have to try multiple times.

We recommend that you use the Fire Dragon and a Water Dragon for the best chance of getting the Athletic Dragon. The breeding time should be 11 hours and your egg should be blue with white and red strips and flower at the bottom. You can place the Athletic Dragon into any Fire or Water Habitat.

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Dragon Story Athletic Dragon Egg

May 242012
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