Jan 212013

The Unicorn Dragon in Dragon Story was released recently, and if you haven’t checked him out then you should definitely check out the Unicorn Dragon page. The dragon features a beautiful unicorn-like design combined with the powerful design of a dragon but looking cute and adorable for players to have in their Dragon Story islands.

Dragon Story Unicorn Dragon

How to breed Unicorn Dragon

If you haven’t checked out the confirmed combination on the Unicorn Dragon page here then we’ll just let you know how to breed the dragon in this post. Breeding the unicorn dragon won’t be easy, it’s classified as an Ultra Rare dragon which spells “it’s going to be difficult to breed”. Though, the breeding combination is quite simple.

To breed this dragon you need to have the Virtue Dragon and the Diamond Dragon. If you don’t have these two dragons then please obtain them first. There is no possible way of breeding for the Unicorn Dragon without them.

Once you have these two dragons please bare in mind that you have a chance between the Virtue Dragon and the Unicorn Dragon. If you fail the breeding time is 33 hours, if you succeed, the breeding time should be 36 hours. Even though it doesn’t look difficult, obtaining either of these dragons is and on top of that if you fail you need to wait another 33 hours. So getting this amazing hybrid diamond can take quite a while!

Please keep in mind when breeding that it doesn’t matter which side you choose to breed your dragons. The level of your dragons will also not matter. Getting dragons is up to luck and your game.


Aug 162012

Dragon Story players! You are probably shook up with the Infinity Dragon because it is yet another ultra rare dragon but this time its not so easy. What seems like a rather simple dragon of four elements may or may not hold try for this Infinity Dragon. The Infinity Dragon is definitely a Diamond Dragon (there’s no question about that). However, how do you breed it?

Dragon Story Infinity Dragon icon

Our experts have made predictions that this “Infinity Dragon” is not your simple Firestorm Dragon and Island Dragon combination. This is because that combination is already known for the Diamond Dragon and that it is known that any four different elements have the options of producing a Diamond Dragon. Now the question is, how do you breed an Infinity Dragon?

Please bring the discussion over to the Infinity Dragon page here. Stay tuned for more news on breeding the Infinity Dragon for your Dragon Story Isle.

Dragon Story Infinity Dragon Screen

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