Sep 032013

After a fantastic Labor Day weekend, Dragon Story is back with brand new dragons for players to obtain in their game. These brand new dragons include the Killerwhale Dragon that’s available in the Arctic Isles section of the game and the Kaleido Dragon which is only available through the battle arena.


Dragon Story Killerwhale Dragon Teen

The Killerwhale Dragon is a dragon players can obtain as of September 3rd 2013 in the Arctic Isles portion of the game. The dragon is colored in black and white with tints of grey with an adorable design that’ll surely make players want to breed this dragon immediately when their breeding den is available.

To get this dragon you must understand that the dragon is known as an Abominable-type dragon, and that you need two different Abominable type dragons for a chance to get this dragon. For example, you can use the Abominable Dragon and a Sasquatch Dragon or any of the Abominable Dragons like Yeti DragonSabretooth DragonSasquatch Dragon.

Description about the dragon

You won’t see many Killerwhale Dragons flying in the Arctic Isles; most prefer the chilly reception of the ocean blue. Killerwhale Dragons swim in the cold waters, hunting not for seals or otters, but rather marine plant life consumed chiefly by dragons.

Getting the Kaleido Dragon

Available in the Battle Arena for a limited time is the Kaleido Dragon which can be obtained through the tournament after battling through a series of dragons. There are exactly 30 rounds including a battle with the Kaleido Dragon herself.

Dragon Story Kaleido Dragon Battle Screen

You cannot breed for the Kaleido Dragon but you can get one through this Tournament or get one from purchasing the dragon from the dragon market. The Price of the dragon is 1,500 gold and the dragon has the colors of Pink and Yellow. That means you can place the dragon into any Pink or Yellow Habitat after winning the dragon from the battle or simply after buying the dragon using Gold in the game.

Dragon Story Kaleido Dragon

May 312013

Dragon Story developers have unveiled the Cheshire Dragon into the game and this pink striped dragon is part of the Fairytale-type dragons in the game. That means for Android-users, you must update to the latest Dragon Story Fairytales to be able to see this dragon in your game.

Dragon Story Cheshire Dragon Baby

This dragon is a pink colored dragon with purple stripes throughout it’s body. It doesn’t exactly look like a dragon but it surely looks like a folktale creature from a cartoon or some sort fairy tale story. In fact, some players have noted that this dragon does not exactly look like a dragon but maybe some other creature.

If we take a look at this Cheshire dragon, we can tell that it actually looks similar to that Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. There are parts of this dragon’s design that makes him look like a dragon but not all. Most of the designs has overshadowed it’s dragon attributes, like his wings and dragon body shape. It definitely looks special compared to any other dragons we’ve seen up to this date. It’s assumed that they’re trying to make these “Fairytale” type dragons more like cartoon characters.

Cheshire Dragon is a Fairytale-type dragon which means you will need the Fairytale update for Android players and Fairytale Dragon itself to be able to breed for one of these dragons in your game.

How to breed Cheshire Dragon

Check out the breeding guide here

Dragon Story Cheshire Dragon Epic

May 282013
Dragon Story: Big Bad Dragon Now Available!

A brand new dragon has hit the markets in Dragon Story and it’s called the Big Bad Dragon, this Big Bad Dragon is a darkly colored dragon in full black with tiny bits of red. It is believed that it’s considered a “Limited Edition Type” dragon from the pop-up the developers have placed into the [Open page……]

Apr 242013
Dragon Story: Saturn Dragon Now Available

Another Cosmic type dragon has been released into the game and it’s called the Saturn Dragon. This brand new dragon for Dragon Story is a Cosmic-type dragon and is definitely one of those dragons that is out of this Universe. It looks like a planet design made into a dragon specifically for this occasion and [Open page……]

Apr 162013
Dragon Story: Dawntree Dragon has been released for breeding!

Dragon Story players got a brand new dragon at the beginning of this week called the Dawntree Dragon. This single element dragon has one element and it is the green element or plant element. The dragon itself looks like a tree design with brown and green.  Some players may assume that this dragon requires a [Open page……]

Jan 212013
Dragon Story: How to breed Unicorn Dragon

The Unicorn Dragon in Dragon Story was released recently, and if you haven’t checked him out then you should definitely check out the Unicorn Dragon page. The dragon features a beautiful unicorn-like design combined with the powerful design of a dragon but looking cute and adorable for players to have in their Dragon Story islands. [Open page……]