Jul 232013

Remember the Gemstone Dragons in Dragon Story? The ones where you need to use the spell shop to “craft” them because they were from a different dimension or had some special properties where you could not breed for them? Well it looks like the developers had a change of heart and now you are able to breed for these gem type dragon in your game.

The Symbol

Dragon Story Gemstone  Element

The Gemstone element is represented by a colorful triangle symbol with the colors of purple, red, green, and yellow. Don’t go thinking that to get one of these dragons you need to combine these colors though because there’s a brand new dragon for that.

Gemstone Dragon

Dragon Story Gemstone Dragon

The Gemstone Dragon is the key dragon required to obtain other gemstone dragons in the game. To breed the gemstone dragon you must understand that it is not 4 colors like the symbol. It requires the colors of Green and Blue like it shows in the Spell Shop. You can use the Forest Dragon and the Water Dragon for a chance to get the gemstone dragon in the game. Then you can begin getting Gemstone type dragons!

The breeding time is 12 hours and it’ll take another 12 hours for the egg to hatch.

Other Gemstone Dragons

Nov 212012

Dragon Story players are in for a surprise! The Turkey Dragon has turned into a contest for Thanksgiving. It’s certainly the time to be thankful because Dragon Story developers are offering players 5,00 Gold for 10 players to win! The gold are in-game gold for your Dragon Story game but one can only dream of them sending 5,000 oz of real gold.

Dragon Story App Breeding

The contest starts from November Wed. 21 2012 – Mon. 26, 2012 and it’s certainly an amazing event for players to gain a bit of extra gold if they win.

The Rules

  • Breed or buy 1 turkey dragon in Dragon Story for 1 entry.
  • Evolve your Turkey Dragon into a Level 10 Turkey Dragon for 10 Entries.  <—- Best solution!


10 players will win 5,000 Gold Each! (In game gold but real gold is good too!)

Essentially, the more you breed for a Turkey Dragon and evolve him to level 10 the better your chance at winning this event. The breeding time is 9 hours and so are the evolution times so be sure to jump into the holiday spirit today!

The breeding combination

Learn more about the Turkey Dragon from the Turkey Dragon page here

Dragon Story Thanksgiving Turkey dragon sweetstake contest

Oct 112012
Dragon Story: How to breed Witch Dragon

We weren’t sure if you were able to breed this Limited Edition dragon but you sure can! Some of our members were lucky enough to have bred this exclusive Witch Dragon into their Dragon Story isle and they’d like to us to share how to breed this dragon for your isle too. Breeding this limited [Open page……]

Oct 112012
Dragon Story: Witch Dragon, Limited Time to Breed

The Witch Dragon has just been released into Dragon Story player’s Islands and it seems that the developers have made this dragon only available for a limited time! This is the very first limited edition dragon so it’s definitely one dragon you don’t want to miss! If you miss the witch dragon during this event, [Open page……]