Aug 082014

Available for a limited time in Dragons: Rise of Berk the mobile game on Android and Apple iOS. Available from August 8, 2014 for 72 hours is Stoick’s infamous Skullcrusher dragon from the How To Train Your Dragon 2 movie. You can search for this dragon using Toothless to search for the dragon in Fort Sinister. The search time required is 6 hours which means that it will take 6 hours for the dragon to fly out then once Toothless returns you will be able to see if you’ve obtained the Skullcrusher Dragon which should be green and look something like the picture below.

If you miss the opportunity to get this dragon then you will have to wait until next time where this Skullcrusher event will return and give you an opportunity at getting the dragon again. Aside the Skullcrusher is also the Hobblegrunt which is made available for a limited time for you to search for until Monday, but this is not a limited edition dragon which means you will eventually run across this dragon during your playthrough.


Skullcrusher Dragon egg

Dragons Rise of Berk - Skullcrusher egg


More information on Skullcrusher

This walking battering ram may have a sensitive nose, but he has a very hard head. Maybe that’s why he and Stoick get along so well.

Dragons Rise of Berk - Skullcrusher

 Visual Demonstration  (video)

Aug 062014

Released on August 5, 2014 is the Titan Update for Dragons: Rise of Berk with Valka and a number of brand new dragons in the Book of Dragon! In this new update you can expect the ability to take your dragons even further into their “Titan” form which is their current final evolution. In their Titan form they are stronger and provides more bonuses for fish and wood when collecting and have great new designs!

Dragons Rise of Berk - Titan Dragon Update icon

How to get Titan Dragons

To get Titan Dragons in Dragons: Rise of Berk, you need to level your dragon to level 51 then build the Valka’s Sanctuary which requires 8 Million Woods and one dragon at level 51. After you have done this you can send the dragon into Titan training which will eventually give you a chance at changing your dragon from regular to Titan. If the spinning fails, you will need to send your dragon into Valka’s Sanctuary once again (you will need to pay the require amount of wood to do the training again).

Dragons Rise of Berk - Titan Toothless Dragon, 12 New Dragons Update


There are a number of new dragons added into the game including dragons beyond level 50 and dragons below that level as well. Here is a short list we will be updating it throughout the week as we discover new dragons.

What’s New in Version 1.3.9

– Train your dragons to Titans with Valka!
– 12 new dragons in the Book of Dragon!
– 20 new Unique dragons to rescue!

Jul 252014
Dragons: Rise of Berk - Scauldy Dragon is Back! Changewing Search Limited Time too!

Scauldy is now back in Dragons: Rise of Berk! If you don’t know about Rise of Berk, it is a How To Train Your Dragon mobile game based on all your favorite characters for Android or Apple iOS devices. You can pick it up for free in your local app store for free and collect [Open page……]

Jul 232014
Dragons: Rise of Berk - Torch Returns on July 23 for 24 hours!

Torch has returned in Dragons: Rise of Berk, The How To Train Your Dragon mobile game available on Android or Apple iOS devices. Now you can search for Torch within this time frame (it’s a short one) but Torch makes a return if you have missed him the first time around. How does it work? Login [Open page……]