Nov 232013

All new dragons are out in DragonVale! Did you want more light dragons in the game? Well there are at least 4 new dragons that are released from the light side for players to breed and obtain in the game. Two of these four new dragons are quite unique and some have said they refer to superheros in the world of DC and Marvel Universe.

DragonVale Lightning Light Dragons

Flash Dragon

DragonVale Flash Dragon

The Lightning Dragon Master was experimenting with a major spell to improve the Lightning Boost at the exact moment Light Magic reentered the world of DragonVale. His favorite irksome lightning dragon, Wally, seemed to have been transformed into a new breed, the flash dragon. Capable of darting around at unnatural speeds, flash dragons have been nicknamed ‘scarlet speedsters

Gamma Dragon

DragonVale Gamma Dragon

The origin of the gamma dragon, as told by the wizard Kirbixblee, starts with a particularly monstrous lightning strike to a banner flying atop the ancient Ferrigneaux Academy. A never before seen magical reaction occurred and these once tiny and gentle dragons exploded out into the greater world, suddenly huge and green.

Phantom Dragon

DragonVale Phantom Dragon

Phantom dragons began appearing in the frozen highlands of the far North. A slight chill can be felt as they glide by, but it’s uncertain if this is due to their temperature or their spectral appearance.

Glare Dragon

DragonVale Glare Dragon

Between the Frozen Highlands and the Garita Volcano is a bland and icy wasteland. The explorer Addison willed himself to travel on foot and find the fabled Caves of Ramora. Stranded and lost, in an exhausted and phobic haze, he was led to the Caves by a wandering glare dragon.

Nov 162013

The Dark Dragons in DragonVale has been released! Players can now begin breeding for an entirely new line of dark elemental dragons in the game. This also completes the Light and Dark Dragon event that the developers setup at the release to bring these two amazing dragons back into the game.

There are 8 brand new dragons for you to obtain through either breeding or the purchases and they are the following.

DragonVale: Dark Dragon

DragonVale Dark Dragon Baby

” Torn from our world long ago, Dark Dragons have returned to herald true balance to magic. Due to their lack of excellent eyesight they often get very close to… everything. Their fierce loyalty and companionship have made them quick favorites of many members of the wizarding community.” Dark Dragon Game Description
DragonVale: Cave Dragon

DragonVale Cave Dragon baby

” Found deep in the Tull Caverns, cave dragons have adapted googly eyes to see in the dark. Their long jointed legs make them excellent runners, able to clear large boulders whilst staying in full stride.
” Cave Dragon Game Description

DragonVale: Root Dragon

DragonVale Root Dragon Baby

” Root dragons are quickly becoming known for their love of questing. Making these dragons available to park owners was originally difficult due to their disdain for being transplanted from their original habitat.
” Root Dragon Game Description

DragonVale: Nightshade Dragon 

DragonVale Nightshade Dragon baby

” The great wizard Garriott often uses rare plants as reagents in his complex spells. While gathering a batch of the nightshade plant at midnight on a full moon, he happened upon a new type of dark dragon. He promptly named them nightshade dragons due to the resemblance of their wings to the plant of the same name.” Nightshade Dragon Game Description

DragonVale: Dungeon Dragon

DragonVale Dungeon Dragon Baby

” The wizard Guy Gacks, son of Arne, was the first person to discover the dungeon dragon deep in an ancient network of catacombs. The entrance to the catacombs is near a keep on the borderlands between the Sandara Desert and the Drag Marshes.
” Dungeon Dragon Game Description

DragonVale: Watch Dragon

DragonVale Watch Dragon Baby

” Watch dragons rarely sleep. Instead, these alert guardians look after parks night and day. We’re not quite sure what they need to protect us from, but their tenacity and courage are admirable.” Watch Dragon Game Description

DragonVale: Fungus Dragon

DragonVale Fungus Dragon Baby

The fungus dragons have an interesting trait. They have gills that allow their mouth to expand to fit an impressive number of treats! Reading the notes of the Witch Hyphae, “They’re also very friendly and have been known to like people.” Wait.. does that say ‘lick people’?  Fungus Dragon Game Description


DragonVale: Dark Rift Dragon

DragonVale Dark Rift Dragon

” What? Another rift dragon? The wizards thought only the first magic would imbue rift eggs, but so much Dark Magic was cast through the rift that a new type of rift dragon was made possible.
” Dark Rift Dragon Game Description

Oct 312013
DragonVale: Solar Eclipse Dragon Is back 2013

The Solar Eclipse Dragon in DragonVale is once again back in DragonVale parks for players to breeding and purchase. The Solar Eclipse Dragon is a Sun/Moon type dragon that was released in 2012 for a limited time to celebrate a solar eclipse . Although the dragon has the elements of moon and sun from his [Open page……]

Oct 052013
DragonVale: Something Big is Coming! Is it DragonVale 2?

It looks like Backflip Studios has something in store for DragonVale players as they release a image hinting that something is coming… and generally that means something big is coming to DragonVale. Can we be sure what will be arriving onto our mobile devices? Not yet but we’re confident that soon we will see what [Open page……]

Sep 302013
DragonVale: Last Call for Sapphire Dragon

It is that time again for DragonVale players that have been seeking their very own gemstone dragon. Re-released on September 1st 2013 is the Sapphire Dragon which is a gemstone dragon that represents players birthstone dragon born in September. The Sapphire Dragon is a blue colored dragon that has sapphire gemstones around it’s body and [Open page……]

Sep 012013
DragonVale: How Breed Sapphire Dragon [OFFICIAL COMBINATION]

The Sapphire Dragon is back in DragonVale! Originally released in 2012, the Sapphire Dragon is one of the gemstone dragon that’s only available during the month of September. Unfortunately, with the return of this dragon means that the August Gemstone dragon, the Peridot Dragon, has expired and is no longer available for breeding. ABOUT THE [Open page……]