Nov 152013

If you’ve missed our bright big DragonVale banner then here is the written announcement. DragonVale has officially released the Jet Dragon, a dark looking black colored dragon that many say it could have been the dark dragon in it’s initial design. Unfortunately it is not the dark dragon but another Gemstone dragon in the game.

Jet Dragon

DragonVale Official Promotion Jet Dragon

The Jet Dragon is the 15th gemstone dragon in the game after the Amber Dragon’s removal and is one of the most highly sought after dragons in the game. This dark mysterious dragon has a dark ominous sense and is here for a limited time for 3 months like all new gemstone dragons in the game.

How to breed Jet Dragon

We have unlocked the official combination to breeding the jet dragon, so rest assured that our combination is correct and secure. Now it’s just up to luck for you to obtain the dragon or not in your game.

The combination is using Frostfire Dragon and an Ash Dragon.

The breeding time is 30 hours but keep in mind you have a chance to get the Sun Dragon, Moon Dragon, Rainbow Dragon, Double Rainbow Dragon and other type of dragons. This dragon is super rare and may take a while to breed for but the combination above is the official combination to breeding this dragon.


Oct 012013

It is October 1st and that means that the previous gemstone dragon, the Sapphire Dragon has been removed from the market. This also means that a brand new gemstone dragon arrives in DragonVale players games to celebrate players that were born in October. That being said, the Opal Dragon is now back in DragonVale players parks if you have missed this dragon before or if you are an Android player and did not have a chance to breed it before.


DragonVale - opal dragon evolution chart

The Opal Dragon like all other gemstone dragons in DragonVale, only has one combination to breed for the dragon. It does not follow the general elements where you must have certain elements to make the dragon but specific dragons in the combination for a chance to get the dragon in the game.

For breeding the Opal Dragon, you need to use the Lava Dragon and the Mud Dragon. This is the only combination that works for breeding the Opal Dragon and what you are looking for is a 31 hours breeding time which should cost 31 gems to fast forward.


This is the only combination that works to breeding the Opal Dragon, using another combination with the same elements will not give you a chance at getting this dragon. You must use the combination above or in the unlocking video below.

There is a better chance at getting gemstone or rare dragons using the breeding tree and using level 20 dragons or 15+ for better increased rates.


Sep 012013
DragonVale: How Breed Sapphire Dragon [OFFICIAL COMBINATION]

The Sapphire Dragon is back in DragonVale! Originally released in 2012, the Sapphire Dragon is one of the gemstone dragon that’s only available during the month of September. Unfortunately, with the return of this dragon means that the August Gemstone dragon, the Peridot Dragon, has expired and is no longer available for breeding. ABOUT THE [Open page……]

Aug 142013
DragonVale: Amber Dragon is Now Available for breeding

The Jade Dragon has left the market and a brand new dragon is now available in DragonVale. This isn’t just any new dragon, it is a gemstone type dragon that is available for a limited time and it’s on sale at an extremely low price! Just like the Jade Dragon, this Amber Dragon is an [Open page……]

Aug 012013
DragonVale: Peridot Dragon is back for breeding, 2013!

The Peridot Dragon is now back in the store for DragonVale, breeding has also been enabled. The Peridot Dragon is a gemstone dragon that has been made available to celebrate players born in August, and will be available for the of month of August until September.  That means you can only obtain the dragon during [Open page……]

Jul 312013
DragonVale: Last Call for Gemstone Ruby Dragon! 2013!

It’s that time again for DragonVale! The Ruby Dragon is on it’s last call for 2013 and will be leaving the DragonVale store (and breeding) on August 1st 2013. When exactly on August 1st? Well we’re not sure but you can expect that it won’t be staying for too long after that time because the [Open page……]