Dec 192012

The DragonVale developers have unveiled the Apocalypse Dragon for DragonVale players! This new dragon features a brand new element and habitat called the “Apocalypse” element. This brand new dragon also comes with a brand new decoration flag made specifically for the dragon. It seems that this dragon is here for keeps and is not limited but we will keep you updated.

It is believed that this Apocalypse dragon is in fact a limited time dragon because they wrote

“This ancient Mayan-themed dragon is available for players at level 17+ till sometime early next year… that is, if the world doesn’t come to an end before then.”

DragonVale Apocalypse Dragon evolution

How to breed Apocalypse Dragon

Like we noted this dragon has it’s own element called Apocalypse. If you want to breed this dragon you need to be at least level 17 because its the level requirement. If you are not level 17 then you need to level your island until this level before you can breed this dragon.

To breed the Apocalypse dragon you need to use the Lichen Dragon and the Magnetic Dragon. These two dragons puts the elements lightning, cold, plant, and metal into the breeding process. The breeding time for this dragon is 20 Hours and 20 minutes. If you get this breeding time after breeding the Lichen Dragon and the Magnetic Dragon then you got the Apocalypse Dragon breeding in your island!

After getting the egg and hatching the egg, which takes another 20 hours and 12 minutes you can place him into the brand new Apocalypse Habitat!

Guest Breeding Video

Please keep in mind that the breeding order of your dragon does not matter. The level of your breeding dragons will also not matter. It will not affect your breeding process. You must continue breeding until you get the 20 hours and 12 minutes breeding process.

So good luck breeding and Happy Holidays!