Jul 282012

The Gold Olympus Dragon in DragonVale is one and most sought after of the three Olympus Dragon dragons released on July 28th 2012 as part of what is expected as the celebration of the opening of the Olympics. Keep in mind that which Olympus Dragon you obtain or may obtain is completely up to the game. The Olympus Dragon features a brown design with a fire torched tail and what differentiates the Olympus Dragons apart from one another is their amazing horns.

For this Gold Olympus Dragon it features a golden horn that will just make your DragonVale park shine as it represents your trophy for breeding. Remember to go for the Gold! You will notice that in its adult form the Gold Olympus Dragon also has a sharper and more thin horn that makes it ultra fierce.

DragonVale Gold Olympus Dragon Baby

This DragonVale how to breed article will talk about breeding the Gold Olympus Dragon in DragonVale. You can use the same combination to obtain the Bronze Olympus Dragon and Silver Olympus Dragon for your DragonVale park. The main elements for this dragon is Olympus but it is known to be lightning, earth,  and air.

If you want to breed one of these Gold Dragon then our most recommended combination for breeding the Gold Olympus Dragon is using a Sonic Dragon and a Lava Dragon or a Blazing Dragon and a Crystal Dragon for a chance to get the Gold Olympus Dragon. The breeding time is 35 hours and once you have hatched the Gold Olympus Dragon you can place him into a  Olympus habitat for your DragonVale game.

The most recommended combination is Air Dragon and Crystal Dragon.

DragonVale - Gold Olympus Dragon

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Jul 272012

DragonVale players, were you excited about the 1.9 update with the brand new Dragon Track for dragon racing? Well DragonVale has made another streamed update with 3 brand new dragons that are a completely new element. This completely new element including a special habitat are all based on the “Olympus” name and is definitely trios you would want for your DragonVale park.

There are some experts that believe that these Olympus Dragons are indeed limited time, special edition or based on some special event. This means that they will leave your DragonVale market after a certain time but these are only speculations. We will update if these dragons are set to expire in the future.

DragonVale: Bronze Olympus Dragon

DragonVale Bronze Olympus Dragon Baby

DragonVale: Silver Olympus Dragon

DragonVale Silver Olympus Dragon Baby

DragonVale: Gold Olympus Dragon

DragonVale Gold Olympus Dragon Baby