May 062014

Backflip Studios the creator of the popular mobile game, DragonVale, releases FREE-TO-PLAY DragonVale Wings! A game based on flapping your dragons and having them soar through the skies collecting crystals/gems and coins. The game is very similar to the Flappy Bird-style games but with the Backflip Studios flare of art and style which really enhances the experience, but don’t expect the common flappy bird game it’s similar but not the same. Check it out below.

dragonvale wings screen

Soar through the skies in DragonVale Wings!

DragonVale Wings is the endlessly fun follow up to the mega-hit dragon collecting game, DragonVale™. In DragonVale Wings, the lovable Fire Dragon takes to the skies in a casual, yet challenging flying game. The flight controls are simple. Just touch and hold anywhere on the screen to soar upwards. Release your finger from the screen and your dragon dives downward. Where it gets tricky is when you need to maneuver between tight passageways and avoid treacherous obstacles. The goal is to fly as far as you can. Score points by collecting coins and gems along the way. How far can you get?

• Touch to soar. Release to dive.
• Avoid rocks & obstacles.
• Collect coins & gems for points.
• Compete for high scores.
• Stay alive!

If you like DragonVale Wings, be sure to check out the original DragonVale game for even more dragon fun!

Play DragonVale Wings today. It’s FREE!


Apr 252014

A brand new dragon has made its way into DragonVale! The Arbor Dragon is a limited edition dragon that is only available for a limited time and the Terradiem Dragon is also on discount for a limited time and the Solar Eclipse Dragon makes an appearance for all players to breed!

DragonVale Arbor Dragon Released for Breeding

Arbor Dragon

The Arbor Dragon is a two element dragon that is available for breeding but requires a specific combination to obtain. You must use this combination and only this combination to have a chance at getting the Arbor Dragon for your game.

The breeding time for the dragon is 10 hours which means its hatching time is also 10 hours but it is not noted in the description like all the other dragons but was fixed shortly after the release.

Dragon Description

“The Arbor Dragon was first discovered deep in the southern Forests of Schloss, using its tusks to root up mushrooms. Due to their magic affinity with plants, any forest or grove they live in is lush and healthy, just be careful of putting them too close to your garden, they love to dig for snacks.”


To breed this dragon you must use the Forest Dragon and the Tree Dragon. No other combinations will work.


Apr 112014
DragonVale: New Easter Ovalith Dragon & Island Event!

Added on April 10, 2014 for DragonVale “Valers” is a brand new event island also known as “Magic Egg Hunt” where you’ll collect hidden magic eggs HOW TO PLAY Every day, the Wizards and Witches of DragonVale will be hiding Magic Eggs all throughout your park and your friends’ parks. AS you continue to search [Open page……]

Dec 062013
DragonVale: New Shimmer, Lotus, Wind, Hypnotic Dragon

DragonVale is back again with brand new light element dragons for the game. There are four new dragons that players can be looking forward to as they login today and they are the Shimmer Dragon, Lotus Dragon, Wind Dragon, and lastly the Hypnotic Dragon. These dragons are added into the game permanently so players can [Open page……]

Nov 282013
DragonVale: New Dark and Lightning/Cold Dragons

It looks like the new Dark and Lightning and Cold element dragons have been released into DragonVale. We had the Light and Lightning/Cold element dragons release into the game not too long and there was a total of four different light type dragons which consist of two lightning/light hybrid and two cold/light hybrid. This is [Open page……]

Nov 232013
DragonVale: Hulk Gamma & Flash Dragon + 2 Light Dragons

All new dragons are out in DragonVale! Did you want more light dragons in the game? Well there are at least 4 new dragons that are released from the light side for players to breed and obtain in the game. Two of these four new dragons are quite unique and some have said they refer [Open page……]