Nov 162013
DragonVale: Dark Dragons Finally Released for Breeding!

The Dark Dragons in DragonVale has been released! Players can now begin breeding for an entirely new line of dark elemental dragons in the game. This also completes the Light and Dark Dragon event that the developers setup at the release to bring these two amazing dragons back into the game. There are 8 brand [Open page……]

Nov 152013
DragonVale: Jet Dragon released for Breeding! Confirmed!

If you’ve missed our bright big DragonVale banner then here is the written announcement. DragonVale has officially released the Jet Dragon, a dark looking black colored dragon that many say it could have been the dark dragon in it’s initial design. Unfortunately it is not the dark dragon but another Gemstone dragon in the game. [Open page……]

Nov 132013
DragonVale: Amber Dragon Last Day To Breed!

The Amber Dragon is expected to leave DragonVale Parks tomorrow (November 14) as the gemstone dragon event for the dragon comes to an end. If you haven’t gotten this dragon then now may be the best time to breed for this dragon or buy it directly from the market as it may take another year [Open page……]

Nov 062013
DragonVale: Light Dragons Finally Released! Breed All Dragons!

It looks like DragonVale players have completed the Light and Dark Dragons event in DragonVale and now can obtain the dragons in the game. The winner of the race is the Light Dragons which means you can now find the light dragons in the market which is available for players to breed and obtain in [Open page……]

Oct 312013
DragonVale: Solar Eclipse Dragon Is back 2013

The Solar Eclipse Dragon in DragonVale is once again back in DragonVale parks for players to breeding and purchase. The Solar Eclipse Dragon is a Sun/Moon type dragon that was released in 2012 for a limited time to celebrate a solar eclipse . Although the dragon has the elements of moon and sun from his [Open page……]

Oct 092013
DragonVale: Light & Dark Dragons, Rift Dragon Released!

It’s official. The new update for DragonVale has been released and who could have guessed? It is the release of the Light and Dark Dragons in DragonVale. This brand new update introduced on October 9th 2013 releases two entirely new dragon types in the game (Dark & Light). These class of dragons have always been [Open page……]