Apr 112014

Added on April 10, 2014 for DragonVale “Valers” is a brand new event island also known as “Magic Egg Hunt” where you’ll collect hidden magic eggs

DragonVale New Easter Ovalith Drago Banner


Every day, the Wizards and Witches of DragonVale will be hiding Magic Eggs all throughout your park and your friends’ parks. AS you continue to search for Magic Eggs, they will get harder to find.


As you play the game normally, you can find Magic Eggs hidden throughout the park. Activities where you might find Magic Eggs:

  • Collecting DragonCash or Treats Visiting friends
  • Clearing items from new islands
  • Competing in the Colosseum
  • There are six fantastic prizes to earn!


If you want even more Magic Eggs to help you get some of the prizes, you can buy MagicEggs in the Market


  • Egg of Burcadia
  • Ovalith Pedestal
  • Gemstone HAbitat
  • An Ovalith Dragon
  • Ovalith Dragon again
  • The Lost Island

DragonVale New Easter Ovalith Dragon & Island Event!

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Oct 092013

It’s official. The new update for DragonVale has been released and who could have guessed? It is the release of the Light and Dark Dragons in DragonVale. This brand new update introduced on October 9th 2013 releases two entirely new dragon types in the game (Dark & Light).

These class of dragons have always been considered valuable to players and most of the players even asked for these dragons during the initial release of DragonVale. The dragons just took a bit longer to arrive but they’re here now and available for players to obtain. Check out the trailer video of the Light and Dark dragons in DragonVale below!

DragonVale Light and Dark Dragons Screen

 How to summon Light and Dark Dragons

You will get a Rift Dragon on your newly found island and then some magic to begin with. You can select either Dark or Light magic which will contribute to a pool that is online to either hatch Light or Dark Dragons.

Use your magic on whichever you favor more then obtain more magic and continue to add to the pool until the dragon arrives.

How to get Magic

You can get magic almost everywhere in your park. You get it through breeding, racing, questing, farming Treats and collection from habitats.

Choose only one when starting

Please either Light or Dark, do not use them on both or it’ll be a waste when starting out. Once you have an egg in an habitat then work on the other dark or light element.

How much magic do you need?

You will need 5600 magic for each either Light or Dark.


Summon the Light & Dark Dragons!

Magic has gone wonky in the world of DragonVale and caused some exciting changes. Two entirely new classes of dragons are coming to DragonVale. It’s up to you and the other DragonVale players to decide whether Light or Dark dragons come first by collecting Magic and using it to summon the Light or Dark…

1) Find Magic throughout your park
2) Cast your Magic for Light or Dark
3) Rally friends to summon Light or Dark

Also, the level cap of your dragons is now tied to the level cap of your park. You can also level up your dragons with gems.

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Oct 052013
DragonVale: Something Big is Coming! Is it DragonVale 2?

It looks like Backflip Studios has something in store for DragonVale players as they release a image hinting that something is coming… and generally that means something big is coming to DragonVale. Can we be sure what will be arriving onto our mobile devices? Not yet but we’re confident that soon we will see what [Open page......]

Oct 012013
DragonVale: Opal Dragon is back for Breeding October 1st!

It is October 1st and that means that the previous gemstone dragon, the Sapphire Dragon has been removed from the market. This also means that a brand new gemstone dragon arrives in DragonVale players games to celebrate players that were born in October. That being said, the Opal Dragon is now back in DragonVale players [Open page......]

Apr 302013
DragonVale Update: Giant Habitats, Egg Storage Tower!

DragonVale has just updated their game with brand new habitats for players to grow their parks even more! These new habitats are called the Giant Habitats and comes for all 8 of the basic elements in the game. You can upgrade or purchase these habitats in your market but the problem with these habitats is [Open page......]

Mar 272013
DragonVale: New Storage Tower, Twitter, Goals, and more Magic!

DragonVale just updated their game and there’s some new stuff worth mentioning. In this new update the most noteworthy item added into the game is the new Storage Tower that allows players to store their decoration. If you’ve been collecting those limited edition decorations in your game and have been running out of space then [Open page......]