Jun 052014

For all RPG loves, DeNA Games Osaka Inc. has a new free-to-play action-RPG game called “Cross Horizon” in the market and it’s available to download right in your mobile store for Apple or Android devices. The game features fully 3D-battle environment with fierce monsters to battle in a unforgettable journey.

Here is some information about the game.


-Not all RPGs have a happy ending-
You will surely be astonished by the game’s finale…

TAP and SWIPE to attack monsters as they approach in real-time!
Block enemy attacks with your shield!
Wield a variety of weapons such as swords, spears and axes!

Combine weapons and armor through magic to increase their power and efficacy.
Learn the strengths and weaknesses of the foes you fight,
then forge equipment to exploit those weaknesses!

Bring your friends from the real world or find friends while traveling.
Battle against endless waves of monsters with your team!

Beautiful monsters and landscapes await to enthrall you!

Our Gameplay Trailer Video!


Cross Horizon image 1 Cross Horizon image 2 Cross Horizon image 3 Cross Horizon image 4

You can download Cross Horizon on the App Store and Google Play via the following links:

Official Press Release below!


San Francisco, CA – June 5, 2014 – DeNA today announced the launch of Cross Horizon, an action role-playing game (RPG) where the player embarks on an epic journey to recover their character’s memory while battling powerful enemies along the way. The free-to-play game is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and on Google Play for Android devices.

In Cross Horizon, the player joins Aurora, a fairy who has also lost her memory, to visit guilds, go on dangerous missions, fight numerous enemies, and discover the true intentions of the Bandit King.

Developed by Marvelous AQL, Cross Horizon is an engaging mobile experience that combines a deep story with the best elements of an action RPG. Players can customize their character’s appearance, weapons, and armor. Enemies can vanquish with intuitive tap and slash controls. Additionally, Cross Horizon offers an engaging multiplayer functionality where the player can enlist the help of their friends and join in battles together.

Cross Horizon is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and on Google Play for Android devices.


Apr 152014

TOKYO – April 15, 2014, The mobile gaming company COLOPL  has released action RPG game Slingshot Braves worldwide on Google Play. Currently available in Japan on Android and iOS, the widely popular chart-topping app is ready to take on the world.

Slingshot Braves Android  Release Screen

In Slingshot Braves, the player becomes an adventurer in search of the legendary weapon “Slingshot.” With its simple drag & release controls, Slingshot Braves offers exhilarating action with exciting real-time co-op battles with friends, weapon & armor upgrades, evolve features and much more.

“We are really excited to launch Slingshot Braves worldwide,” said Naruatsu Baba, President and CEO of COLOPL. “We hope everyone around the world will enjoy the exhilarating drag & release action and real-time co-op battle with friends.”

Features for Slingshot Braves include:

· Attack the enemies with your fingertips: drag, aim and release to attack the enemies and build up the combos for greater damage.

· Exciting fantasy RPG with a great storyline: take part in the search for the legendary weapon “Slingshot” in the city of Landova. Enjoy the action as well as the full drama storyline.

· Play together with your friends: thanks to real-time co-op battle, players are able to enjoy exciting combat with other players. Team up with friends to challenge opponents and obtain rare items.

· Collect materials and create the strongest weapons and armor, with over two hundred options available. Obtain materials in battle to upgrade and evolve them. Create even stronger weapons and armor to your advantage in battle.


Slingshot Braves Screenshot  02 Slingshot Braves Screenshot  03 Slingshot Braves Screenshot  04 Slingshot Braves Screenshot 01


Finish off your foes with a single blow!!
The wait for Colopl’s newest masterpiece is finally over! Now you can play the exciting action RPG Slingshot Braves!!
The simple and intuitive controls will be your tool as you begin your journey in the once peaceful land of Landova on a hunt for an ancient weapon that will defeat the demons who have begun ravaging the towns.
Become an adventurer and embark on a journey in search for the Slingshot of legend that will save the land, but watch out for mysteries and danger along the way!

~~〜Passion and courage flowing right out of your fingertips.
Adventurers! Aim for the Twin Towers stretching to infinity, and battle onwards to your heart’s content! 〜〜〜

Slingshot Braves is an immersive fantasy RPG that lets you become an adventurer in search of the legendary demon-slaying Slingshot.


Slingshot Braves Gameplay Screenshot 1 Slingshot Braves Gameplay Screenshot 2 Slingshot Braves Gameplay Screenshot 3 Slingshot Braves Gameplay Screenshot 4 Slingshot Braves Gameplay Screenshot 5 Slingshot Braves Gameplay Screenshot 6 Slingshot Braves Gameplay Screenshot 7 Slingshot Braves Gameplay Screenshot 8

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