Jun 082013

The archelon is now available in Jurassic Park Builder for both Apple iOS and Android players. This is a limited edition creature that can be obtained in the game in the Aquatic portion of your parks. The creature was made available on June 7th 2013 and is available for exactly 72 hours so the Archelon is available for the week until Monday.

This creature is a turtle creature-like creature is a genus of extinct sea turtles and now is made available for re-creation by Jurassic Park Builder developers so you can build your very own ultimate Jurassic Park including an underwater portion that features exclusive sea creatures.

Jurassic Park Builder Archelon Evolution 1 Baby

How to get the Archelon

To get this sea creature in your game, you must ensure that it’s available to be found from special weekly events that the developers hold for these limited edition creatures.

If this creature is available to obtain then you need to head on over to your underwater park and then send your team on an expedition to search for it’s fossil. If the fossil is found, you will be able to research to create this sea turtle creature in your game. Please keep in mind that once researched the creature will be available in your game forever, if you choose to sell the creature, you will need to wait until the next event to re-claim this creature into your game.

May 112013

Jurassic Park Builder players this week is greeted with a friendly message from the developers that the Geosaurus is now available for a limited time. The Geosaurus in Jurassic Park Builder is a pair of water creatures and is available to be found in your game through expedition from the Aquatic Park section of the game.

Jurassic Park Builder Geosaurus

To find the Fossil for the Geosaurus, you must send your expedition team to search for the fossil using the blue icon at the bottom left corner of the screen. Once you have found the fossil you will be able to research and discover the Geosaurus gens which enables you to create the Geosaurus in your game.

The Geosaurus is available for 72 hours from the initial release on May 20, 2013, but may return at random intervals throughout the year. If you miss your opportunity to get this creature this time you will have to wait until the return of this creature for your game. This will occur randomly so it’s not like something you can predict for the next return.

To learn more about the Geosaurus, you may check out the Geosaurus page found in the Jurassic Park Builder section here. For a full list of the dinosaur pages on the site, you may check out this page here.

Apr 272013
Jurassic Park Builder: Leviathan and the Limited edition Megalodon!

Jurassic Park Builder players get the addition of the Leviathan  sea creature and a limited edition Megalodon for this park this week. The Megalodon isn’t new but it is an limited edition creature. If you have missed your opportunity previously to get this creature then this week is your chance again to obtain the Megalodon into [Open page……]

Apr 202013
Jurassic Park Builder: Limited Edition Sea Scorpion Now Available

The Sea Scorpion is now available in the market for Jurassic Park Builders to obtain. This sea creature is available in the aquatic park of the game and features one giant scorpion for you to collect. Only available for 3 days, this Sea Scorpion is a highly sought after creature for any Jurassic Park Builder [Open page……]

Mar 302013
Jurassic Park Builder: Elasmosaurus This week only!

Jurassic Park builder players gets a brand new creature in their Aquatic Tank for this week and it is one creature you don’t want to miss in your game. The Elasmosaurus is now available in the game and it’s one huge creature to have in the sea. The creature is only available for a limited time [Open page……]

Mar 182013
Jurassic Park Builder: 5 New Water Creatures Dinos!

Jurassic Park Builder updated the game this week with a couple of brand new water creatures for the Aquatic Park of your Jurassic Park Builder game. There are five brand new creatures in total and they’re here to stay. However, they may be difficult to find in your game because you need to find the [Open page……]