Nov 132013

The Sonja Mermaid is now available for players around the world to sing and call for in the game. This mermaid like all other special limited edition mermaids is known as an event type mermaid where they are celebrating an event for a limited time in the game. That means once the event is over you will no longer be able to get the mermaid for your game so be sure not to miss the opportunity to get this mermaid!

Mermaid World Sonja Mermaid Screenshot


The Mermaid is called the Sonja Mermaid and she is a purple-hair colored mermaid with army green tail. She wears a black tanktop and can be obtained using only one specific combination. The description of the mermaid hints

“This camouflaged cutie often hides among the Lotus flowers. In between missions, her favorite pastime is playing Dominoes.”

That means if you want to get this mermaid you must use the Lotus Mermaid and the Domino Mermaid. This has been tested and confirmed by our team to have worked but it may require a hint of luck in your game to get this mermaid. The singing time is 11:59:59 which is also known as 12 hours.

Sonja will be available for a little over a week, it’s hovering at about 7-8 days at the moment depending on which country you are in so if you have been collecting mermaids then this is your chance to continue your collection with Sonja!

May 222013

The creators of Mermaid World has released the Gemini Mermaid for those players following the Gemini horoscope in the game. Last time we had the Taurus Mermaid for those with that specific zodiac. If you are a Taurus, then you’ll need to wait until next year because the Taurus Mermaid has been removed from the market and replaced with the Gemini Mermaids.

Mermaid World Gemini Mermaid Version 1

Gamers opening up their Mermaid World game will notice that there is not one zodiac mermaid but in fact two! The Gemini is known for it’s representation yin and yang which is represented by Twins. That is why players will notice two mermaids in the game with almost the same design with different colorings, and even the same description.

In fact, to get both Gemini Mermaid, it’s purely up to luck. Both mermaids use the same combination of the Twinkletail Mermaid and the Celestia Mermaid. However, which mermaid will you get? It’s unknown and unclear until she arrives and can be placed into your game.

There is the purple haired Gemini Mermaid and the pink hair Gemini mermaid. Both versions are beautiful to have in your game and definitely should not be missed if your zodiac sign is the Gemini! They are here and available for calling for exactly 30 days from May 21 2013.

Good luck singing and calling for her!

Mermaid World Gemini Mermaid Version 2

May 192013
Mermaid World: Stoma Mermaid is Now Available

The Stoma Mermaid is now in the market for Mermaid World. She is the Star Bottom Swimmer of the Wyld World Sirens and is the fourth Wyld World Sirens in the game. This mermaid is a limited edition mermaid and players can called for in your game using a specific combination that has been hinted by the [Open page……]

May 182013
Mermaid World: Spindle Star Mermaid is Now Available

There is a new mermaid in your game! The Spindle Star Mermaid is the Leader of the Wandering Star Troupe in Mermaid World. She is a limited edition mermaid released on May 17th 2013, and is available for 10 days in the game. That means it’s time to start singing and calling for this mermaid [Open page……]

Apr 262013
Mermaid World: Chica Mermaid is here! Get one in your Realm!

The Chica mermaid is here for you to call for in your realm in Mermaid World! This mermaid is an limited edition mermaid and is available for 8-9 days. After the mermaid expires, you will no longer be able to call for the mermaid until she re-appears in the game again in the market. So [Open page……]

Apr 232013
Mermaid World: Taurus Mermaid is Now Available

The Taurus Mermaid is now available in the market and for singing. That means the Aries mermaid is no longer available. If this mermaid represents your zodiac sign then it’s definitely one mermaid you want to have in your realm. If you did not get the Aries mermaid then you’ll have to wait until the [Open page……]