Jan 312013

Monster Story has just released the Sea Slime monster into your island for this week. Players can now breed this new monster for their island and get this monster first in their game. It’s another amazing new monster for players to breed and collect and will definitely make your island that much better with it being in your habitats.

Monster Story Sea Slime Monster icon

These new monsters always seem to impress us because it’s coloring is simply so vibrant making them addictive for most players to collect. This new monster is just that cool looking to make players want to breed one immediately as the monster is released. This time the monster is the element of  Blue and White.

How to breed Sea Slime (learn more here)

The Sea Slime consist of various elements, the elements are again, blue and white. To get this monster into your Monster Story game you must use monsters that have the elements of Water and Shell. For example the most recommended combination is using the core element monsters such as Blue Blob Monster and Shell Lizard Monster. This will give you a chance at getting this monster in your breeding garden.

The breeding time is 5 hours and that accounts for evolution and hatching.

With the breeding combination in hand, keep in mind that breeding is completely up to your luck in the game and for them to give you the dragon. The Rarity will help you understand your chances but it will ultimately be up to your game.

The breeding order of left or right in the breeding den does not matter. The Level of your breeding monster also do not matter.

Jan 222013

Dragon Story was not the only game that updated. Monster Story also made a cool update with the Topaz Gargoyle monster. This monster is made up of two elements, one being air and the other being the Diamond element. That means this monster is extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors. However, it’s still obtainable with time.

Monster Story Topaz Gargoyle Monster

How to breed Topaz Gargoyle

The Topaz Gargoyle monster is a hybrid element of Diamond and Air. Like noted, being a diamond hybrid monster it is highly sought after by players. It is also difficult to breed if you don’t have a Diamond Pegasus monster in your game but it’s definitely possible if you do.

To breed the Topaz Gargoyle monster, you must use a recommended combination like the Diamond Pegasus and the Dream Bird. This is the most recommended combination because its easy to obtain and will give you a chance between the Topaz Gargoyle or the Dream Bird. If you fail to get the Topaz Gargoyle, you’ll only need to wait 2 hours to repeat the process.

Repeat until you get a 34 hours breeding process because that represents the Topaz Gargoyle monster in the game.
Please keep in mind that this combination is the best combination and the only possible way of getting this monster. The breeding order of how you select the monster on the right or left does not matter. The level of your monsters will also not affect your chances to get the monster. It is up to luck.

Dec 072012
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Nov 222012
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Nov 082012
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Oct 252012
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