Jun 192013

Last week My Singing Monsters unleashed the very first line of Ethereals monsters, called the Ghazt Monster. This monster is what is dubbed as the “Ethereals” line of monsters and are much rarer than regular monsters in the game. You can buy the monster but the price for the Ghazt monster is actually carries a very heavy price tag of 1,000 diamonds in the game. It’s actually the most expensive monster till date.

My Singing Monsters Ghazt Monster

Logic Behind Getting The Monster

The logic behind getting the Ghazt Monster for My Singing Monsters is quite simple. You need to have the Enbrat in your combination along with any three element monster in the game. However, that is just one portion to breeding a monster.

Luck plays a major role in breeding for monsters in My Singing Monsters so that means even with the right combination you may not be able to get the monster unless you are extremely lucky. The Ghazt monster in this case fits the bill in this statement because the monster is ultra rare to obtain for anyone’s game.

How to get the monster

The monster can be obtained from any of the four combinations below.

  • Enbrat monster + Bowgart
  • Enbrat monster + T-Rox
  • Enbrat monster + Pummel
  • Enbrat monster + Clamble

These combinations have been confirmed but that doesn’t mean you will be able to obtain the monster without luck on your side in the game. So just keep trying any one of these four combination and you will be sure to get this monster into your game.

Unfortunately, those are the reasons why you are not able to breed for this monster.

Developers NotesNEW! A whole new class of monsters, the Ethereals, is traveling to your islands! Hailing from a mysterious corner of the multiverse about which little is known, the first of them, the Ghazt, has arrived on Plant Island and is ready to shake things up with its special brand of music. Buy it in the Market, or experiment to discover the secrets to breeding this elusive beast.

Confirmed combination video

Apr 022013

It seems My Singing Monsters has brought back the Punkleton monster for your plant island in the game. Generally, this monster is only available during Halloween but the developers have made an exception for breeding this monster in your My Singing Monsters island until April 4th. It’s a tight deadline but at least you do get a chance at getting this monster.

My Singing Monsters Punkleton Monster

The monster itself is a pumpkin skeleton like monster that is only found on the plant island (The plant island is the first island). The monster now cost 225 diamonds in the market for this special occasion while it used to cost 150 diamonds on Halloween. That being said, you can purchase the monster or breed in using the breeding structure.

How to breed Punkleton Monster

It has been tested that you need to use the T-Rox Monster and a Bowgart Monster in the breeding structure for a chance to get this monster into your game. The breeding time is 18 hours and so is the hatching time. It is estimated that there is roughly a 10% chance of getting  this monster when breeding according to our stats. It may be lower or higher but roughly in that range. If you have tremendous luck then you will probably be able to get this monster on your first try.

Oct 242012
My Singing Monsters: How to breed Punkleton Monster

We have finally confirmed the breeding combination for the Punkleton Monster in My Singing Monsters. If you haven’t heard about the Punkleton Monster, then it’s a limited edition monster for My Singing Monster to celebrate each Halloween. The Monster itself features an all new design that is extremely different from any other monsters we’ve seen [Open page……]