Aug 272016

My Singing Monsters - Wublin Gheegur

My Singing Monsters fans can now enjoy a brand new monster – Wublin monster, that has been added into their game. Each new monster has their own set of songs and personal tunes  which makes the monsters all that collectible and unique compared to any other monster in the game. The Wublin monsters are especially unique due to the fact that it has to be “Waken Up” through a unique process of combining other monsters from various islands to be able to fully active this monster in the game.

Like all Wublin monsters,  to be able to get this monster, you must be in the Wublin Island, head into the shop then you can buy it directly within the shop using Gold. Once you have obtained the monster from the shop, it will be a grey statue, that requires activation to be able to fully unlock the monster into your game.

You can do this by “zapping” the required monsters into the wublin to activate him.

Aug 262016

Marvel Avengers Academy Adds Daredevil Special Event 2

Marvel’s Avengers Academy has updated their mobile game (available for Apple and Android devices) with an all new update that specifically focuses on characters from the Daredevil franchise. In this new limited time event, you will be able to battle one of the most notorious villains  in the Marvel universe, The Kingpin.

The Kingpin has set in motion a scheme to frame no other than Director Nick Fury, and it is up to you along side Daredevil and other Avengers heroes to put a stop to his evil plans! In this even, you will be joined by a  number of heroes and enemies you may be battling against and trying to recruit into your Academy. Find below the list of heroes that you can obtain during this even!

Marvel Avengers Academy Adds Daredevil Special Event 1

  1. Daredevil
  2. Jessica Jones (Premium/Paid)
  3. Luke Cage
  4. Elektra
  5. Iron Fist
  6. Hellcat
  7. Punisher (Possibly Premium)
  8. Kingpin (possibly not recruitable)
Aug 082016
How to Snipe Any Pokemon in Pokemon Go [Tutorial]

In this tutorial we will discuss about how to snipe any Pokemon in Pokemon Go. No Sniping does not actually mean shooting a Pokemon but rather getting a Pokemon from anywhere in the world for your game. Please keep in mind that this is considered a violation of the terms of service and you may [Open page……]

Aug 062016
Rare Grumpyre Available in My Singing Monsters

This week, available for a limited time is an exclusive limited edition monster named the Rare Grumpyre in My Singing Monsters. Not to be confused with Dawn of Fire, My Singing Monsters is the original game and is available for Apple iOS or Android. The Rare Grumpyre is the rare version of the original Grumpyre [Open page……]

Aug 022016
Articuno Caught in Pokemon Go

Apparently, a legendary Pokemon has been caught in Pokemon Go. This has been unconfirmed, which means that the player could be hacking the game and swapping out the skins for another Pokemon. Other news organization have gone ahead and slammed the video for being a pony but there has been no evidence of  whether it is or [Open page……]

Jul 232016
The Eevee Trick! Guaranteed Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go’ers have found a way to control the evolutions of your Eevees, one of the most highly popular Pokemon in the world. The Eevee, has multiple evolutions but part of the 151 Pokemons of the original series, three of Eevee’s evolution consist of a Water-type, Fire-type, and Electric-type Pokemon, and they are Vaporeon, Flareon, [Open page……]