Apr 282016

Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 has released the new Civil War Update to celebrate the release of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War movie. Find below some of the new features and heroes added into the game during this event. You will have access to two limited edition characters, The Winter Soldier & Falcon. Get them for your game today!

Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 - Civil War Update Revealed

New Heroes
• Agent 13, Vibranium rank reward for PvP Tournament 5
• Captain America (Civil War), added to the store
• Falcon (Civil War), mastery reward for Spec Op 2
• Iron Man (Civil War), added to the store
• Winter Soldier (Civil War), mastery reward for Spec Op 2
Spec Ops
• Made preparations for Spec Op 2: Captain America: Civil War
• Added acquisition tips to Spec Op currency
• Added current task display to Spec Op mission map
• Renamed “Tasks” tab within tasks menu to “Chapters” to better reflect content
• Combat node pins no longer extend through the holo table
• Dialogue throughout chapters 2 and 3 now displays correctly
• Various tasks now correctly list chapter locations and difficulties
• Team-Up Heroes now display star ratings correctly after combat
Player Versus Player
• Made preparations for PvP Tournament 5: Agent 13
• PvP post-combat pages now display correctly

• “Contingency Plan” passive now correctly rewards Strategy instead of removing it
Black Panther
• “Panther Kick” ability now correctly gets Finesse bonus
Black Widow
• “Ballerina” ability is no longer a Stealthy Maneuver; now uses Deadly Grace
• “Red Room Training” passive now grants +20% Attack, Defense, Accuracy, Evasion, and Speed when Revealed instead of while Stealthy
Black Widow (Age of Ultron)
• “Evac Support” ability now animates properly
• Added missing ability modifier icons to various abilities
Captain America (Age of Ultron)
• “Stalwart Defender” passive now functions correctly
• Added missing ability modifier icons to various abilities
• “Billy Club Beatdown” ability now correctly gets Finesse bonus
• Now reverts to Normal size if swapped out
• “Defense Attorney” passive now functions correctly
Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
• Added missing ability modifier icons to various abilities
General Hero Updates
• Adjusted frequency of Dodge and Devastate
• Free Attacks—Counters, Follow-Ups, etc.—now correctly target Protected and Stealthy targets
• Frenzied buff now correctly grants follow-up attacks
• Stealthy buff no longer allows Heroes to attack Protected targets
• Ability modifiers based on Hero stats—Deadly Precision, Deadly Fortitude, etc.—now correctly apply bonuses
• Adjusted damage for all abilities with cooldowns
• Abilities with cooldowns now display a countdown timer
• Insight resource now grants free turns instead changing a Hero’s initiative

• Mysterio’s helmet now animates correctly
• “Exolon Reconstruction” ability reworked to improve performance

System Improvements
• Trials that require critical hits now correctly convey each attack counts only once regardless of the number of hits
• Rebalanced distribution of trial costs with regard to research materials
• Iso-8 set values are now displayed correctly in reward screens
• Indomitable Iso-8 set now blocks only Mental, Physical, and Tactical debuffs and no longer blocks active debuffs being reapplied
• Iso-8 rewards no longer appear unidentified after combat
• Combats where Heroes’ levels are adjusted now display the amount by which they’re scaled
• Updated art for Research Materials
• Renamed solitaires to prevent overlapping text and improve clarity
• Text no longer overlaps when converting to Ability Points in reward screens
• Updated account sync instructions for clarity

Apr 282016

Marvel Contest of Champions released a brand new update which is dubbed the Civil War Update to celebrate the release of Captain America: Civil War. They have also included a brand new champion into the game, Red Hulk, in a crystal dubbed the “Heated Crystal” which gives you a chance at obtaining a 3 or 4-star Red Hulk in your game.

Marvel Contest of Champions - Civil War Update 1 Marvel Contest of Champions - Civil War Update 2 Marvel Contest of Champions - Civil War Update 3

In the NEW CIVIL WAR UPDATE! The Battlerealm is divided and the Champions have chosen sides. New Champions, events and quests inspired by Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War are available now. Whose side are you on? Pick a faction to team up with Captain America or Iron Man and compete to earn faction-specific Shards!

• Solo Events: Earn Milestone Rewards and compete for Rank Rewards in a new Solo Event feature. Civil War Solo Events are just the beginning! These constantly-evolving events will vary in length, requirements, and prizes – so log in regularly to check them out!
• Leaderboards are here! Compare statistics against other players and Alliances, filter by overall, country, friends, and your Alliance members. How do you measure up? Fight your way to the top!
• Alliance Wars updates: You can now view the defender kills for each Champion and view your opponent’s offensive Champion information during Attack Phase.
• Several Champions have received updates and improvements.

Check out this video for more details on this update!

Apr 252016
Kingdom Hearts: Unchained x - Proud Quest Event! Timeless River Mickey Medal!

Starting today, players who can clear the ultra-difficult Proud Quests will qualify to receive a special, event-exclusive Medals! Proud Quests, listed in the Events section, contain some of the mightiest enemies around! Strengthen your Medals and Keyblades and test your might against these powerful Heartless! PRIZE Clearing any 1 of the quests below will get [Open page……]

Apr 252016
Marvel: Future Fight's Civil War Update with Thanos & Crossbones!

New Updates information for the game Marvel Future Fight has been released! Based on the Captain America: Civil War movie that will be coming out, Marvel Future Fight takes their game to the next level with a number of new features specifically for the movie. Here are the information on what you can be expecting [Open page……]

Apr 032016

The folks at Telltale Games have released the fifth episode of their epic game, Minecraft Story Mode, dubbed Episode 5: Order Up. Available for Download, Episode 5 is supposedly the last Episode of the game or is it? In the last episode, Episode 4, we defended the world from the Whitherstorm which tried to destroy [Open page……]

Sep 302015
Marvel: Future Fight gets ABC's Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Characters!

New characters are coming to one of Marvel’s hottest mobile games, Marvel: Future Fight available for both Apple iOS and the Android. On Oct. 7, brand new characters will be added to the game. These characters are from ABC’s show Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and it includes some of the most popular “SHIELD” characters like: Phil Coulson, [Open page……]