Jan 312013

It looks like The Simpsons: Tapped Out just released the Valentine’s update for the game to celebrate Valentine’s day. That’s right, Tapped Out players can now celebrate Valentine’s day with the new update and lets take a closer look at what’s new in the game.

The Simpsons - Tapped Out Valentines Event

One of the good things we’ve noticed about the update is that it’s less than 200MB while the last update was well over 200MB. So you do get to save some bandwidth if you are on a cellular network. That being said, the update does have quite a few new Valentine-based items. What it’s weak on is the addition of new characters because the only new character that is added into this update is Shauna and she is premium.

At this current stage, it seems that most of the items are unlocked and it doesn’t take any specific quests to unlock. However, some of the newer buildings like the Escalator to Nowhere and the Popsicle Stick Skyscraper are expensive for the normal player and can net up to 1,000,000+ for a single building!

At any rate, below are the list of buildings in the new update.

Premium Characters


Buildings [Limited]

Decorations [Limited]