Apr 212013

Tiny Castle is back again with a brand new limited edition creature to collect for your kingdom. This brand new creature is called the Faun Creature and it appears the developers are celebrating Earth Day with this creature in your market. According to the quest timer, there is about 2-3 days to get this creature for your game. Once the timer is up then the creature will be removed from your market until next time.

Tiny Castle Faun

The Faun creature is a simple two element hybrid creature that combines the magic of Forest and Garden in the game. However, this creature is quite rare compared to the regular creatures in the game. So it might take a while before you can actually get this creature. The other creatures you can get from this combination are the Treant creature and the Wisp creature.

Summoning time for the Faun creature is nearly identical to the to one of the creature with the summoning time of 2 hours and 45 minutes. It has been confirmed that 2 hours and 45 is the correct summoning time for this creature and other timers may mean there’s multiple summoning time or there’s a misconception on the time required to obtain this creature.

You can use the Centaur creature and the Garden Nymph creature to directly summon this character in your game. You may also use any other creature that has the Forest and Garden element but it may take longer depending on how many element is in your summoning process.

Jan 022013

Tiny Castle celebrates the New Year with the Firework Fairy, a limited edition creature available only during the New Year. The creature is now in the market and is only available until January 6th 2013 from its original release date.

Tiny Castle Firework Fairy icon

This creature is just a simple two element creature that players can get when breeding the two elements together. The two elements for this creature is the Sky element and the Desert element. That’s simple enough but keep in mind to check your market to see if the creature is available. If it is then you may begin to summon for this creature. However, if its not then please wait until next time when the creature reappears in the market.

How to Summon Firework Fairy

If you want to summon this creature into your game, you must know that it is a limited edition creature as noted above. You must check in the market to see if this creature is available if its not then discontinue reading until it is.

To summon the Firework Fairy, simply use a creature with the element of Sky and a creature with the element of Desert. As long as your enchanted tree has these two elements, you will have a chance at getting the Firework Fairy. You can really use any creatures with these two elements, for example, the Griffin and the Cactus Dryad or Cyano. To have a better chance at getting the creature, make sure you use creatures with only these two elements in your summoning process.

The summoning time is 18 hours and 45 minutes. This is the same for the egg hatching time.

Please keep in mind it doesn’t matter which side you select to summon your creature or the level of your creature. Both of these variables do not matter and will not affect your summoning process. Good luck summoning and happy new year!

Dec 252012
Tiny Castle: How to summon limited Tomten Creature

There’s never a holiday at Gameteep. For Tiny Castle players, they can expect quite a tough ride if they haven’t seen and bred the Tomten creature in their game. It seems the creature was released recently and it’s not always good news. The creature is extremely limited and is set to expire on December 27th [Open page……]

Dec 162012
Tiny Castle: How to summon Holly Dryad

Looks like the Tiny Castle developers are pushing the game along with a brand new creature for your castle. The Holly Dryad was just released into Tiny Castle and it is only available for a limited time! That means you’ll only have a chance to summon the Holly Dryad for a limited time. However, it’s not all [Open page……]